Loans are a sensitive topic in training


The low income and the contract term limit the credit opportunities sustainably. Only solvent guarantors open up access to the credit market. The “loan for trainees with guarantors” makes wishes come true. With the loan for the driver’s license or the financing of the first car, the guarantor paves the way.

Loan for trainees with guarantors – credit limits for low incomes

Loan for trainees with guarantors - credit limits for low incomes

The training period is always associated with restrictions. In addition to full-time employment, learning in particular shapes everyday life. Despite the performance, there is no lavish paycheck waiting at the end of the month. The transfer from the employer is rather poor. Big wishes cannot simply be realized through a loan. The level of income rarely exceeds the attachment limit.

Garnishment exemption limits protect the debtor from access by a creditor. The income necessary for life remains untouched. In the case of single people, the income limit for this protection is set at 980 USD by law. The loan for trainees – without guarantors, is often limited to a small overdraft facility.

The current account can be overdrawn in the amount of a monthly salary. The credit limit is quickly reached. For the urgently needed driver’s license or the first car, the disposition is unfortunately not enough. Only a loan for trainees with guarantors for loan liability changes the situation.

Advantages and disadvantages of a guarantee

Advantages and disadvantages of a guarantee

A guarantee significantly increases creditworthiness. Several people are now liable to the lender for the repayment of the liability. As long as everything runs smoothly, the contact person remains only the borrower. It is he who has to make the repayments on time. If the debtor repays the debt properly and in full, the bank releases the guarantor from liability at the end of the contract. The loan for trainees, with guarantors, has no negative consequences in this case.

The situation changes only with repayment problems. The training salary is protected by law from access by the creditor. The lender will still get the money due to him. The guarantor is now held liable. In this case, he not only has to pay the original loan amount, but also all costs and interest.

Realize wishes together

Realize wishes together

Part of the maturation process is to bear the consequences of your own decisions. When it comes to loans for trainees with guarantors, the parents mostly support their children. You trust them and in return only expect responsible action.

Together, such a great wish can be realized despite a small training income. The chance to repay this advance of trust once with the same coin comes many years later. As a pensioner, parents are no longer creditworthy on their own. At this point, they are hoping for the children’s guarantee to be given a loan.