Marketing goals

Use data to define your 2019 marketing goals

Have you written your marketing strategy for 2019? “Marketers who document strategy are 538% more likely report success than those who do not ” (Enterprise2Community, 2018). It’s enormous ! And luckily, we have a great resource for writing a successful strategy. Data! It’s time to put the data you’ve collected all year to work for […]

Marketing strategy

7 Channel Marketing Strategy Tips for Success in the 21st Century

When it comes to your channel marketing strategy, the days of relying solely on word of mouth are over. The rise of social media and sophisticated digital marketing platforms has rewritten the rules of channel marketing strategy, even for channel companies that still haven’t created a formal marketing plan. Increasingly, companies are shaping their […]

Marketing goals

Are you struggling with your marketing goals? Use OKRs to boost your efficiency

Alice found herself in a strange and wonderful land where she met the Cheshire Cat. She asked for her way and learned a valuable lesson: It doesn’t matter which way she takes if she doesn’t know where she is going. It is the same in marketing. Success rarely follows “spontaneity”. Instead, a plan is the […]