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5 compelling reasons why you should incorporate TitkTok into your marketing strategy

It’s not news that TikTok is now the most popular platform for creators. With a global presence in over 150 countries and over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok offers plenty of opportunities for businesses. What started out as “social media for dancers” has evolved into a platform for entertainment and education. One of the […]

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Entertainment is not a marketing channel – why brands need to adopt a new mindset

But to take advantage of this drastic shift, brands need to embrace a new entertainment mindset and move from thinking like marketers to thinking like movie moguls. Here are (00) 7 lessons for brands who want to explore this brave new world. Think of entertainment as a product category, not a marketing channel Entertainment properties […]

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5 Steps to Help You Develop Concrete Marketing Goals for 2022 – A Client’s Strategy

Are you developing your 2022 customer-centric marketing strategy? Recently, I worked with a client to create their marketing strategy for the coming year. We ran leadership strategy sessions throughout the process to make sure we didn’t just get buy-in from each department, but also marketing strategy support. We have addressed and discussed many aspects throughout […]

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Why do marketing research?

Competition between competing companies is a constant battle within the marketplace, but it is simply part of the game. Knowing where to focus your efforts can save you time, money, and headaches, which is why doing thorough research is an important part of building a successful business and earning a reputable customer base. Still not […]

Marketing goals

A 5-step guide to writing content that meets your marketing goals

When it comes to content, you might think you already know it all. While there are countless tutorials and how-to tips, I’m here to tell you that there is always more to learn. Marketers depend on content. However, not all content is successful. Part of the reason is your content creation methods. That said, here […]

Marketing research

Reveal Marketing Research Study on recycling behavior: Romanians are increasingly interested in environmental well-being

In the current context of climate change, concrete measures to combat it are becoming increasingly necessary. This fact explains why Romanians are starting to take an interest in the practice of selective waste collection (56%), according to a recent study by Reveal Marketing Research. People who collect waste separately are generally respondents over 55 (60%) […]