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3 worthy, measurable, growth-oriented content marketing goals

Here’s a big question that may or may not make you uncomfortable:

Are you hitting your content marketing goals?

If you grudgingly whispered “no” and felt uncomfortable, that’s okay. We can solve this problem.

You are not alone either. 57% traders not measure the return on investment of content marketing, according to the most recent research from the Content Marketing Institute.

One of the biggest red flags I see for people in this camp is not what they are doing, but Why they’re doing it.


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Why do you do content marketing?

  • Are you focusing on the number of likes, comments, and pageviews you get?
  • Are you trying to deliver consistently fresh, even mediocre, content to Google because “this is what Google wants?” “
  • Do you dream of going viral?

If so, your content marketing goals, themselves, could be a big part of the problem.

This is because the above goals will not contribute to real, quantifiable growth (read: ROI and revenue). And, without measurable growth, you’re never going to get anywhere with content marketing.

So, if virality and a website bursting with content do not equate to growth … what Is it that growth looks like?

What should your content marketing goals be?

Let’s explore.

Content Marketing Goals: How to Focus on Growth

Content marketing goals should relate to 1000% growth. And yes, content can absolutely catapult your business into the stratosphere.

But, if nothing is happening from your content, you are focusing on the wrong goals. You follow the moves or focus too much on empty numbers.


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The growth of content marketing is easy to spot, once you know what to look for. If you see any of the following, you are growing.

1. SEO rankings

Google is a great barometer for the success of your content. If the content you create and distribute to the world climbs up those rankings and reaches the first page, you’re on to something.


Because Google has strict content standards (thanks, Panda). Only the better the coins will be ranked in the top 10, top 5 and top 3. It depends on who provides the better information on a specific subject / keyword that matches the user’s research need.

If your content is this great, you will earn top rankings. In return, you will earn much more qualified traffic – not random people, but people who actually need the information you provide. (That’s why ranking is a goal, not the traffic itself.)

About 32% of all the traffic on the first page goes to result number one. That’s a lot of leads that you don’t get if you’re unranked.

3 worthy, measurable, growth-oriented content marketing goals

2. Conversations and engagement

More qualified leads coming in through qualified traffic means you’ll see a lot more buzz around your content. This is our second content marketing goal: conversations, buzz, engagement.

Some examples :

  • People contact sales through many channels (chat, email, etc.), starting conversations and indicating their interest in what you do.
  • Likewise, people reach out on social media, in your blog comments, and through email.
  • In general, you see a responsive and engaged audience – and that doesn’t have to be viral level. Even a few thoughtful comments, emails, and conversations indicate huge growth from content. You reach people, impact them and interest them. They moved from awareness to the next part of the buyer’s journey – consideration!

3 worthy, measurable, growth-oriented content marketing goals

3. Sales and income

How many actual sales resulted from the above connections and conversations? Dive into the numbers. Talk to your salespeople. If you are seeing growth in this area, your content is giving you a big advantage.

How to generate growth from content?

Here is my # 1 formula for driving growth from content. It’s surprisingly simple:

SUPER content, done consistently, connected to services (SaaS, agency, books, courses) = Conversations with leads from Google search = Sales.


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Let’s break this down in a bit more detail.

Create great content consistently

Achieving your content marketing goals must begin with creating quality content. If you put out content just to deliver it, if you compromise on quality, you won’t grow.

Only high quality content ranks. Only high-quality content meets users’ research needs, interests and engages them.

Finally, you need to produce great content. All. The. Time. This is how you build trust with readers. This is how you build a solid reputation.

You need both to grow taller, so don’t skimp.

Connect your content to services

Content lying around in the void unrelated to your services or products is unprofitable content.

Once you’ve generated this almighty interest from your audience, you need a way to capture it.

This is why CTAs (calls to action) are essential. You should include at least one CTA in every piece of content you post.

3 worthy, measurable, growth-oriented content marketing goals

The incredible power of CTA is that it leverages what you’ve just achieved with your amazing content – engage the reader, build trust – and show them what they can do next. And, if the interest is high enough, they will follow this CTA to the next step.


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Writing powerful, compelling CTAs that genuinely appeal to readers is an art – either hire a talented copywriter to create your own or read carefully. how to build them.

Engage with conversations generated from your content

The conversations you and your sales team have with enthusiastic and interested readers will mean all to your return on investment.

Conversational Marketing is here to stay.

No, it’s not about using gooey sales tactics to get people to buy. It’s about being available to improve, improve and increase the customer experience in real time.

When they walk away from your content with questions, interest, and comments, you can be there to respond to them immediately, through live chat and messaging.

Chatbots are useful when you are managing a high volume of conversations at any time of the day.

However, in many cases a human response – having empathy and being friendly and pleasant – is the key that can turn interest into a decision: that is, a sale.


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Your content marketing needs growth-driven goals, not vanity measures

Vanity measures and virality don’t match the growth of content marketing. These are empty numbers because most of these people don’t care about your brand’s message and won’t become leads.

Instead, focus on tangible ROI markers:

  • SEO rankings (which help you attract traffic and qualified leads).
  • Engaged conversations (which turn a prospect’s interest into a decision).
  • Actual sales figures.

These are concrete content marketing goals that you can actually measure, which could mean more buy-in and budget for your long-term efforts.

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