5 best tips for online connections


There is no shortage of sites claiming to be the best way to meet cute singles in your area. But how often do they end up being scams with thin pickings?

It’s hard to know which sites to invest your time and energy on. Then, even when you find a good site, how do you make a stranger feel comfortable enough to meet in person or share their private photos?

Whether you’re looking for a connection or something more serious, here are five tips to improve your game.

Using Snapchat

It’s no secret that Snapchat is a great way to swap nudes, but did you know that there are sites specifically meant to facilitate Snapchat connections?

That is true. Some sites connect you with people looking to exchange dirty photos through Snapchat. If you are looking to add a list of playmates to your Snapchat contacts, these resources are perfect.

Use Tinder instead of Shagle, Hinge or Bumble

Tinder has been around for a while, and it has maintained its reputation for being more for casual sex than long-term romantic relationships. If you’re looking for a connection, stay on Tinder.

Other dating sites like Hinge or Bumble are often used when people are looking for a relationship. Remember, it’s always best to be honest about what you’re looking for up front when dating online.

An app like Tinder is more likely to guarantee that you’ll meet people who are up for a laid-back adventure. Plus, it updates to always show you matches in your immediate area. This means that if you are traveling to Vegas, you will be able to meet people there. Perfect for a scorching nighttime adventure.

Start the conversation slowly

There are sure to be people looking for dating who will want to get down to business with the dirty talk and sexy photos. However, it doesn’t hurt to play cool at first with a cooler opening post. You don’t want to scare people off by being too strong.

Remember there is a ton of space between “how are you” and “you DTF? Try asking a potential partner what kind of mood they are in tonight to get your flirtation in a subtle way.

Choose your photos wisely

There are a lot of catfishers who pretend to be people they are not. You want to make sure that your photos are flattering yet consistent. For example, sending someone a close-up photo of eight packs of abs and then saying you’re out of photos is a quick way to block yourself out.

A lot of people will want to exchange photos in real time, so they know you are legitimate. Make sure you’re at your best before starting a conversation.

Make jokes

Believe it or not, humor goes a long way with online chat, even if you are only looking for sex. Laughter eases tension and builds confidence. It’s a great way to make the person you’re chatting with feel uninhibited and upbeat.

Let’s face it: swapping nudes and chatting with strangers is a bit of a weird situation. Laughing at the absurdity of it will relax you both.

The more relaxed both parties feel, the more willing you will be to share your fantasies and make them come true.

Final thoughts

More people than ever are trying online dating and hooking up. There are a lot of attractive people to meet if you know where to look and how to close the deal.

Using the right sites and following some ground rules will allow you to meet the right people and then make the right sexy connection.

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