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5 compelling reasons why you should incorporate TitkTok into your marketing strategy

It’s not news that TikTok is now the most popular platform for creators. With a global presence in over 150 countries and over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok offers plenty of opportunities for businesses.

What started out as “social media for dancers” has evolved into a platform for entertainment and education. One of the main benefits of the platform that appeals to creators is the ease of creating interesting videos on TikTok.

If you are looking to broaden the visibility and reach of your business, you should consider incorporating TikTok into your marketing strategy. In this article, we’ll highlight five reasons why you should incorporate TikTok into your marketing strategy.

  1. Take advantage of TikTok ads
  2. Influencer marketing
  3. Effective video marketing
  4. Brand exhibition
  5. Stay ahead of the competition

1. Take advantage of TikTok ads

TikTok offers businesses a unique opportunity to expand their reach and visibility. With TikTok Ads, brands can use creative videos to attract, engage, and sell to their target audience. To create promotional videos, it’s pretty easy on TikTok; they have provided all the tools you need to improve your campaign.

Like all other social media platforms, TikTok Ads works on an auction system. The reach and impact of your ads depends on your bids and targeting. Once those two are done right, the rest will be history.

2. Influencer marketing that works

TikTok influencers are creators who are hugely successful on the platform. As the influencers name says, it means they control a level of influence over their audience. Using them to promote your brand is an easy way to increase your sales and brand awareness.

You will benefit from their audience and their goodwill. Plus, you don’t have to start looking for influencers; the platform made things easier by creating the TikTok Content MarketPlace. The hub is where brands can connect with influencers and get all the relevant information about their audience. Collaborating with an influencer has never been easier.

3. Effective video marketing

TikTok is a video platform. The platform has made creating and posting videos so easy that even a grandmother can do. All you need is a phone, an internet connection, and a TikTok app – and you’re ready to go.

Here’s the trick, to win with TikTok video marketing, you need a strategy. There is a marketing adage that goes, “No one reads the ads. They read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an advertisement. The same goes for TikTok. Even the platform urges brands not to create ads but to TikToks.

Storytelling should be at the heart of your video marketing strategy on TikTok if you win. Creativity and spontaneity will also help your videos to stand out and gain more attention.

4. Better brand exposure

A good product that nobody sees is not a good product. Brand exposure is what places your brand in the eyes of your audience and potential customers.

The average TikTok user spends an average of 52 minutes per day on the app. Some spend more time, while others spend less time on the platform. The brand engagement and exposure that you can get for your brand by being consistent across the platform is huge.

5. Stay ahead of the competition

Some brands are early adopters of new technologies, while others are late adopters. However, it pays to be an early adopter; you will benefit from the advantage of the first entrants and you will create an audience before the arrival of your competitors.

Even though TikTok launched in September 2016, it is still a growing platform. It is not yet late to get on the platform. TikTok is one of the fastest growing platforms in the world and the market is still mature. Get a competitive advantage for your brand today by leveraging the power of TikTok for brand exposure and engagement.

In summary

TikTok is here to stay; the statistics are clear. Cross-channel marketing is a way to reach your audience across multiple platforms. Incorporate TikTok into your marketing strategy and start marketing your brand for maximum visibility and reach.

Even if you’ve been marketing on other platforms, adding TikTok to your marketing mix will help you attract new audiences to your brand.