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5 Important Video Marketing Goals to Increase Revenue

Video marketing goals keep martech users busy. Simply creating a video and posting it to a popular video platform will not work. It takes smart planning and execution to get great results from modern video marketing goals. And, it’s important to identify those video marketing goals.

According to the latest HubSpot report, video marketing teams plan to increase their investments in video marketing tools to reach, engage and convert viewers online. The meteoric rise of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other video marketing platforms has had a huge impact on how martech users grow their budgets. The purposes of video marketing are many, but in today’s scenario of hyper-gamification and instant social media engagements, users are looking for something more from their favorite brands. HubSpot’s 2022 Video Marketing Report is out with an important analysis of the landscape and how marketers can generate more revenue from their martech video investments.

Here are the five most important video marketing goals of 2022 that marketers should focus on.

Objective 1: Identify video formats and their duration

Social media rules, but that doesn’t mean we can forget about traditionally beloved video channels like YouTube. In fact, marketers use and reuse a lot of their YouTube videos for different types of campaigns, and it continues to work. However, if you’re targeting Gen Z audiences, it’s time to change your game plan.

There are five distinct video formats based on their length and form of production that work with young audiences. They are:

  • Short Form Videos
  • Long Form Videos
  • Live broadcast videos
  • Videography
  • Webinars

Each video format has its own flavor and depending on the context of the content and the nature of the audience engagement, video marketing teams can use any of them to generate revenue. According to HubSpot, short videos posted to YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reel, and TikTok drive maximum engagement. Viewers are likely to interact with shorter videos with less than 60 seconds running time. These videos are useful for lead generation and engagement.

However, marketers are also starting to explore other video formats, and long-form videos, in particular, are expected to emerge as the top choice in 2022. 58% of marketers surveyed consider the optimal length of a long video is under 10 minutes, with 36% considering videos under 6 minutes to be ideal for lead generation and engagement.

Surprisingly, in the same context, webinars drive low engagement and generate the least ROI. This happens despite marketers (according to ON24) hosting up to 50 webinars in a year!

So, you plan to create your video marketing goal sheet, focusing on long-form and short-form video formats that will likely continue to be the best ROI generators in 2022.

Goal 2: Choose your video marketing channels

It doesn’t take magic to identify the best channels to engage audiences with video content.

A large percentage of marketers are targeting social media channels to post their video content in 2022. A similar percentage of marketers also believe that social media channels are the most effective for lead generation and thus increase return. on investment of video marketing goals.

According to HubSpot, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube remain the top picks for successful video marketing goals in 2022. Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, and others, while used for video marketing, don’t quite make a difference when it comes to video marketing. it’s about generating a positive effect. ROI for marketers.

However, marketing teams should remember to activate plans for their websites and blogs with videos. Currently, only less than a fifth of marketers use their blogs or websites for the purpose of sharing marketing videos.

Goal 3: Email for video marketing

Email subscribers deserve something extra for being your regular readers and for staying “subscribed” to your resources. Video content is a big bonus for retaining subscribers. And favorite brands are using video email marketing extensively to stay in touch with their fans and subscribers. From showcasing an interesting product feature to showcasing workplace culture to event promotions, incorporating video into your email campaigns is a must-have in 2022. done, HubSpot found40% of video marketers plan to share videos via email for the first time in 2022, and 11% plan to invest more in sharing videos via email than any other channel this year. »

Source: HubSpot Video Marketing Report 2022

Objective 4: Build a mix: organic B2B content, “In the Moment”, BTS and influencer content (paid content)

If you’re testing the waters with social media video marketing campaigns, having a mix of organic and sponsored content is a standard formula. 55% of marketers use a subtle mix of organic and paid content as part of their video marketing campaigns. Only 21% of marketers use “paid only” video content to promote their products and services, compared to 24% who use “organic only” videos. 66% of marketers who have used video platforms to showcase their products/services have seen very high ROI from their video marketing campaigns.

When it comes to engaging more audience, instant marketing becomes very important. Also in video marketing, over 50% of marketers would feature in their videos:

  • Trending content (55%)
  • Behind the scenes (52%)
  • Funny content (53%)
  • Interactive content (52%)
  • Educational content (51%)
  • DEI and corporate culture (49%)

Now it’s up to the video production team to figure out which video styles would go viral first. Live action and animated videos are more likely to have that viral fervor than serious knowledge-based videos.

Goal 5: Video Marketing Challenges

As with most marketing technologies, getting started is the hardest part. In video marketing, however, things are rather transient and very dynamic when it comes to challenges. For example, today 57% of marketers are adopting video marketing because it has become very easy to do and takes less time. In fact, with the availability of many DIY video marketing tools and resources, video marketing campaigns can be started from home! For those with a budget constraint, the challenges will continue to grow. For example, production costs continue to rise, which prevents the majority of martech users from launching their video marketing plan. Then there are the challenges of pre-production, post-production, talent promotion, video sharing and distribution, and so on.

2022 video marketing budget increase

But if you’re in a competition where your rivals are spending 10,000-100,000 on video marketing (and growing), you can’t stay away from the challenge anymore. If you give yourself a few weeks and a solid budget to test your first video marketing plan in 2022, you could become a winner in this industry, just like the 81% of marketers who have a video marketing goal and a marketing budget. dedicated for 2022.

Source: HubSpot

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