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5 reasons why podcasting should be included in your content marketing strategy

As the popularity of podcasts increases, more and more companies are seeing the benefits of starting their show. As a result, marketers, especially brand and content marketers, pay attention to it. This article will take a look at why podcasting should be part of your content marketing strategy.

  1. It increases the reach of your audience.

Podcasting is a great approach to promote your business and reach new audiences. The large number of people who listen to podcasts and the larger number of those who haven’t discovered the medium make it an intriguing and necessary aspect of any content marketing strategy.

Because podcasts are so diverse in format and content, they can be placed across a variety of distribution channels, giving your small business exposure through a wide array of new channels. This way your business can reach a whole new audience and have a more solid online presence.

  1. Ease of episode creation

Compared to writing an article or recording a video, recording a podcast is one of the most cost-effective methods of producing fresh content, and a great way to test new ideas. With the technology we have, anyone with a laptop (with recording software) and a $ 100 microphone can start their podcast program. Other than that, all you have to do is hit the record button and talk whatever you want. Of course, it is also necessary to determine whether or not it will be scripted. However, keep in mind that listeners seem to prefer more conversational and less structured podcasts.

You can quickly tailor a topic or point of view that connects your audience to an article, report, or ebook.

Don’t think about it too much and don’t worry if you despise the sound of your voice after it is recorded; We’ve all been there.

  1. It helps you distinguish yourself from the competition.

Although the number of audio shows has increased in recent years, there is always potential for more. Depending on your specialization, you may have the added benefit of encountering less competition. Unlike blogging and social media, podcasts are a relatively underused B2B marketing strategy. If your business can effectively take an interesting, unique, and focused approach, you will have a good chance of outperforming your competition.

An engaged audience is the first step in achieving brand affinity. The key to doing this with any material, including podcasts, is to post regularly. Podcasts, like Netflix shows, must have a compelling appeal that makes them worthy of frenzy. And, just like your favorite TV show, new episodes are expected to be released at the same time each week.

Even the most bland industries can benefit from enhanced storytelling. Additionally, the episodic nature of a podcast encourages listeners to anticipate and come back for the next episode.

You start to build the trust of your audience as you acquire dedicated listeners. So it’s no surprise that 65% of fans say they’re more likely to buy services and goods they hear about on their favorite podcast channels.

Based on the facts, people get excited when a new podcast episode is released, and 79% of podcast listeners listen to new episodes immediately. Additionally, 88% of listeners complete an episode in its entirety. This is enough confirmation that podcasts, indeed, can boost your brand affinity.

  1. It offers an opportunity for cross promotion

Podcasts are an effective way to promote your brand and services as well as those of your customers and business partners. Listeners don’t seem to mind podcast ad cuts, according to a poll podcast. Podcasts also offer the option of having an expert guest on the show. As a result, your organization benefits from varied content, new information and reliable sources, while the expert visitor can show their talents and knowledge in a specific area.

Podcasting is a fantastic addition to your existing content marketing strategy. There are many reasons why your business should consider podcasting, and if you haven’t already, it’s worth investigating.