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D2C marketing strategy: 5 strategies to succeed in D2C in 2022

Posted on November 24, 2021

As a direct-to-consumer brand, you have a unique advantage in speaking directly to your customers, bypassing all the middlemen.

Unlike other e-commerce brands that have to deal with a Chinese whisper situation, your posts can reach your audience directly and they like you more for this reason.

Because of this direct line of communication, your D2C brand marketing strategy should focus on building your brand’s voice. One who is confident and consistent.

How to build and showcase your brand’s voice? You can do this by having a consistent communication style throughout your content. Content marketing for D2C brands will have one thing in common regardless of your content type: your brand’s voice.

While Warby Parker has a youthful and fresh tone, Allbirds has a more eco-friendly tone and Casper almost sounds like your college best friend.

This brand recall is the power of a brand voice. It personifies your brand and helps your customers to have a memorable experience with your brand.

Let’s take a look at what your D2C 2022 marketing strategy should include for more success:

1. Customer loyalty

One of D2C’s biggest challenges in content marketing is creating high quality content that grabs the attention of potential customers. Attracting and converting new prospects into long-term customers means having content that sympathizes and resonates with your customers.

In 2022, a D2C marketing strategy will be to keep your online store up to date and up to date. In addition, you will need to provide your customers with a better user experience on your website.

Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and many more are already updating their systems to make it easier for you to have a professional store with improved UI / UX features.

Another great way to empathize with your customers is to create a campaign around reviews and how seriously you take customer feedback. First, reward them for their reviews, whether positive or negative. Then tell your customers how you plan to correct the negative experience. Above all, make their experience with you unforgettable.

2. Tell stories

Humans love stories, and they will continue to do so. However, the increasing trend in D2C marketing agency recruitments also shows that today’s content writers need a basic understanding of storytelling principles.

Add technological advancements such as augmented reality and virtual reality. You have all the more ways to connect with your customers in fun and engaging ways.

Think about how Sephora, Pokemon Go, and IKEA have all incorporated augmented reality into their content marketing strategies. In 2022, content marketing for D2C brands is expected to focus on creating product campaigns that are grounded in storytelling. This strategy not only strengthens commitment to the brand, but also boosts brand recall.

3. AI technology

It’s no surprise that AI is taking over the world. Should we fear it? The answer is simply no.

And here’s why. We invent technology for the sole purpose of making our lives easier. It’s the same principle for machine learning software. Embracing this D2C trend of 2021, where more brands rely on AI for their content marketing solutions, would continue to increase the following year.

Not only is it a cheaper alternative to hiring lots of designers / videographers / content writers / in-house content marketers, but AI also allows you to work at your maximum efficiency by taking care of the mundane aspects of your business. ‘a work.

4. Search engine optimization

Your potential customers click on organic results 56% of the time. Unfortunately, this statistic means SEO is not going anywhere.

D2C companies understand the value an organic campaign brings to their business. While you can continue to grow your business based solely on a PPC strategy, it would get too expensive, too quickly, if you don’t have an SEO campaign to support the fieldwork.

From on-page and off-page optimization strategies to local SEO strategies, there’s no denying that SEO is becoming a central part of your D2C brand marketing strategy.

5. Voice search

With Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant growing in popularity, it’s no surprise the world is shifting to a voice-activated lifestyle.

SEO agencies for D2C businesses are already updating their website content to respond to voice searches. This way in 2022 we can see more website content that answers questions like ‘what is D2C marketing’, why is D2C marketing important and other questions like long tail keyword.

More concretely, for your website, these questions would be FAQ sections, service pages that answer who, what, why, when, and where questions about your product and questions about your team.


After reading this article, you will clearly understand content marketing for D2C brand marketing in 2022. However, there are many other trends to keep in mind for the years to come, and a D2C marketing agency can help. to avoid all these hassles. For now, if you have any other questions about other D2C challenges that brands face, take a look at the article we wrote on the same topic.

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