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8 tips for building your YouTube marketing strategy and growing your YouTube channel [Infographic]

With such an incredible increase in the consumption of video content, marketers may wonder if they should start a YouTube channel for their brands and start focusing more on YouTube marketing from now on.

Even though brands don’t populate YouTube like other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, it should be remembered that it is still the number two search engine, giving a business the ability to reach millions of people. .

Those that should consider creating a YouTube marketing strategy are especially brands that rely heavily on the power of visual presentation, such as cosmetics, tech or fashion brands.

For example, if we take a look at the most popular brands on YouTube, we will see that a lot of them represent these categories, like Nike, Victoria’s Secrets, Chanel or GoPro.

Of course, like any other video-oriented platform, it requires excellent quality of the clips posted since it is an indicator of a brand’s professionalism and a source of impetus for YouTube subscribers.

Which brings high prices to consider when allocating budgets. And certainly, taking money out of one’s pocket is no cause for joy for anyone.

This is exactly why creating a well-researched marketing strategy is essential if you want to launch your business on YouTube, as you need to keep your brand’s ROI in mind.

The first and most important thing before creating your YouTube marketing strategy is to start the process of researching your competitor, indicating what type of content is the most eye-catching for your YouTube audience.

Once this first step is completed, you need to move on to the next one, which is to optimize your videos. This optimization refers to many aspects – from the length, to the quality of the content – both video and audio, and of course, judicious use of keywords. Second biggest search engine, remember?

Other useful tactics can be live streaming every now and then, creating collaborations with YouTube influencers, or even running YouTube ads.

Some of these tips and more are included in the infographic below.