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9 Digital Video Advertising Examples to Inspire Your Video Marketing Strategy

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The popularity of online video needs no introduction. Nowadays, people of all age groups and all social demographics enjoy watching video content online. This is what companies are capitalizing on and therefore resorting to digital video advertising. This method involves using promotional video content aimed at a target audience through many online channels, including YouTube. Studies have suggested that using digital video advertising yields better results than using static online ads.

Using videos helps engage target buyers, and it’s a big reason why brands use this method. As 4G LTE networks reach remote villages and 5G network rollout accelerates in India, brands are relying more than ever on video content to reach shoppers. Using digital video advertising can be helpful in improving brand awareness among shoppers, increasing conversion rate and storytelling. Many brands today use digital video ads involving brand ambassadors and customers to tell a compelling story.

The length of a digital video ad can vary, but brands typically use short-form or bite-sized videos that often use a mix of emotion and concise or less dialogue to convey the brand’s message. . People’s attention spans aren’t usually very long these days, and so video content that’s catchy and gets the point across works well with them. The format and resolution of online video ads also depends on the channels they are designed for. Instagram videos are shot in a typical format, and they are shorter than videos made for YouTube platforms or other subscription-based platforms, in general.

Video marketing in India has become very popular with all companies or brands joining the league. Gaining a competitive advantage over your competitor is essential. If you are considering incorporating digital video advertising into your marketing strategy, an experienced professional agency is the way to go. These agencies can not only create a video advertisement needed to attract your target buyers like the ones listed here, but also take care of which channel to use, most effective time, etc. in a complete package offered to you.