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Not sure about your career options? Lack of self-confidence ? This Q&A column from Nandini Raman, Exercise Counselor and Trainer, can help you

I am a 24-year-old zoology graduate (completed in 2018). I have tried taking the exams for a government job (SSC and Railways) but am extremely frustrated with the process. I am thinking of taking a digital marketing course to make money until I clear them. Is it a good move? – Sneha Ojha

Dear Sneha,

I can understand your frustration. What makes this exam so difficult for you? Keep in mind that what may seem like a good shot can completely derail you!

The reach of digital marketing is high today. Many companies hire skilled specialists to take their businesses to the next level. However, you need to educate yourself, specialize, and equip yourself with prerequisite course certifications before you can land a lucrative job. Some of the best digital marketing jobs available today are Virtual Reality Developer, SEO & SEM Specialist, User Experience Designer, Data Analysts, Email Marketing Specialist, Internet Marketer, Bot Developer, Specialist of social media marketing. So, assess if you are taking a break or considering changing fields and make an informed choice!

I’m 17 and got only 62% in Class 12 Board (PCMB). I have no interest in pursuing a degree in other subjects. I want to prepare for the UPSC exams. Can we opt for IGNOU’s BAG program? Will this be valid for the UPSC? – Shobhit Bansal

Dear Shobhit,

Yes, of course you can opt for the BAG program. IGNOU is an open central university, created by an act of Parliament in 1985, recognized by the government. All IGNOU degrees and diplomas are valid for UPSC and other juries.

I am in the second year of Bachelor of Medicine and Medicinal Surgery Siddha. The course lasts 5.5 years and the program is heavy. I also want a job in the central government related to my field. But I don’t know if I should take a distance course now or a postgraduate course later. – G. Avira

Dear Avira,

I understand that the course is long and wide but does not cover anything else for the moment. Do this course justice and finish it well first. You will still have time to take a full-time postgraduate course later on. Hang in there and savor the journey!

I was licensed by B.Tech (ECE) in 2018 and tried to clear the UPSC CSE after that but didn’t. I am now working for a parent’s start-up as an unpaid intern. The job is coding for which I have no previous experience. I am easily distracted and very confused as to whether to do this full time or look for something else. Help me please. – Tushar

Dear Tushar,

Why are you working as an unpaid intern? Is there something about the start-up that you are passionate about; that you can focus on and make a career out of? Doesn’t that sound like me? What do you want to do for a living? You have a B.Tech in ECE, so focus on getting a job with those credentials. Spend time with a good guidance counselor to understand what you would like to do next, both academically and professionally. This will help you find your direction.

Disclaimer: This column provides advice, guidance and suggestions on education and careers. It is the voice of a practicing guidance counselor.

The writer is an exercise counselor and trainer. Send your questions to [email protected] with the subject line “Off the edge”.

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