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A song called ‘Startup’ that your marketing strategy can compose in 2022

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By Daniel Munar, Office Manager Colombia and Mexico at Wayra Hispam

When we talk about entrepreneurship and entering the world of innovation, we can say that this is the perfect design to generate the right business model, but to start composing this song, it is important to know what is the pace you want to pick up.

In order to be a strategy composer, it is relevant to keep in mind that when initiating a marketing strategy for a startup, you need to get the best content out of the planning. Therefore, these simple steps can be of great help to clear the panorama and thus obtain a better composition and give the best chords to this melody.

In the book Marketing according to Kotler by Philip Kotler, the author takes an approach on how to create, win and dominate markets with a straightforward style, from which what consumers need and want is valued, in order to generate loyalty.

Why is it important to have the best tools for the best song? Because the total success of the moment depends on it. Taking these steps into account will help a startup have the best growth rate:

1. Market penetration: The startup must multiply its digital communication channels, this is a plus that centralizes distribution and consumption channels.

2. Development of products or services: Being impressive and innovative will always be attractive, the solution in a trendy market in IoT, for example, can be an important axis in different economic sectors.

3. Diversification: The expansion of the lines opens the horizon to new channels of massive consumption, generating an operational strategy makes it possible to connect to seek the appropriate support, to generate solidity and exponential growth.

To be the hit of the moment, startups They have to be the perfect mix between technology and digital transformation, making the leap to different verticals that automate processes. Wayra Hispam actively participates in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, investing to develop business opportunities, thereby enabling businesses to become a trend and meet customer needs, while generating solutions and increasing productivity.

As in the world of music, creativity must fly to develop in an economic environment and for that you have to have the best version, a good sound and an excellent mix. In this digital world, composing a strategy is a process that will determine the best concept, which is why it is necessary to discover the capacity of the brand or the service to be the ideal attractor in the market.

As a key point is to identify opportunities and for that some tips that can help you generate the perfect mix are: segment end consumers, be clear about the data of people who may be attracted to the brand and analyze decisions purchase by end consumers. The above will give a better horizon on a plan that can attract new customers to make a sale.

The key point is to identify the opportunities / Image:

Another element is to do a direct competitive analysis. If we talk about innovation, sometimes we can believe that we have no competition on our economic model, but it is very necessary to review the different verticals that existing players in the market can highlight. In this case, for a strategy it is good to give concepts and analyzes, for example: Which brands in the sector are experiencing significant growth and why? What’s the value proposition?

Another important recommendation when composing your strategy is to have an indirect competition analysis. Opportunities can also be found by looking at alternative industries. Complementary products and services from other business models may generate a performance trend that should be taken into account when making investment decisions.

After these tips and concepts, it was time to mix things up, forge a good destination, master the strategy, and be able to give the final push to a future fanatic of success. You cannot depend on the fate of the market, but rather have a frenetic enthusiasm to be the innovative brand that generates added value and takes you beyond the world of technology.