Adapting digital marketing through COVID-19 with Dan Kogan


The pandemic has ravaged and continues to leave an indelible impression on most countries of the world to varying degrees. Only a year ago there was so much uncertainty and misdirection that affected so many industries to the point of irrevocably reshaping the status quo that had been in place for generations.

One of those industries that has undergone a complete overhaul in terms of approach and execution is the digital marketing space. With a majority of workplaces choosing to work from home on a semi-permanent to more permanent basis, the logical conclusion is that more eyes will be on the digital space that has opened the door to new engagement opportunities that were formerly considered secondary.

With the chaos of the first few months of lockdown, there were two schools of thought within the marketing agencies and the advertising model as a whole; to reduce expenses or double in the increasingly populated digital space. Interestingly enough, the gamble seems to be paying off, with pundits around the world touting the reduction of historically traditional models in favor of online marketing tactics.

State of affairs

To better understand the journey to the current state of affairs, Dan Kogan, a digital marketing veteran and CEO of 1Digital® spoke about his own experience and how his business has adapted. It seems that everyone was under the same spell at the start of the pandemic, as Mr Kogan repeats: “At first our only thought was survival and we didn’t really understand the impact and the role that 1Digital® would play. during a pandemic. We had to adapt as a team… ”

As these digital marketing agencies navigated through the second half of 2020, the adaptation to dominant digital models began to show, as Mr. Kogan pointed out, “Customers and marketers alike have started to take e-commerce much more seriously “. One of the key takeaways that their team took on was that in order to survive, they and their clients had to consider trying new angles for their campaigns.

Asked about their own clients, Mr. Kogan says “their budgets are bigger and their plans have accelerated. Before the pandemic, many projects were put on hold at later dates. Now it looks like everyone wants everything to be sped up based on the new standard. “

A great adaptation

This exciting new chapter is a very logical step forward in many ways, with the world working online for longer periods of time, it stands to reason that new forms of message communication are the wise step forward. 1Digital® is no exception to this rule, proving the rule that adaptation is everything, the model of working from home which is now commonplace in the world is not without challenges of course as attested by Mr. Kogan , “There is something to be said about working from home. I have a lot of team members who love the new model of working from home. Others crave an office environment.

One would assume that the loss of synergy would negatively impact the process of a digital marketing agency. Mr Kogan disagrees, stating that “even without this synergy, we are still able to find creative solutions for our own initiatives as well as for our clients… we can participate in Zoom meetings and Google Hangouts during many days. face to face daily activities. With the technology so suited to easy communication channels, a unique opportunity has been discovered in the form of new and lucrative voices that would otherwise have been impossible or put aside before the pandemic.

With so much happening in the digital space, it seems like agencies like this are adapting in quite unique ways. Throughout the second half of 2020 and into early 2021, hiring of creative people around the world has increased steadily, giving credit to a barrage of new voices, creative opinions and artistic voices that aim to give at the agency a new perspective on the potentials of digital marketing. It seems Mr. Kogan agrees, saying that “we have hired people from Los Angeles to Washington, Chile to Uruguay and new employees outside of Canada, it would not be possible without the pandemic”. This new landscape appears to be more inclusive than ever and allows the digitized focus on marketing to take on a fresh and new spirit as a basis for the future.

And after?

In terms of the future, 1Digital® is well prepared to address the prospects of an Internet-centric focus, to help customers navigate a space that was not as dominant for them in previous years or, as the says Mr. Kogan, “Helping them grow online, generate more business, develop their leads and their ROI… by helping them with local SEO or PPC, or helping them with localized marketing initiatives. So it seems there is a silver lining in the pandemic cloud – showing the adaptation of this innovation SEO agency has implemented with resounding success – we look forward to seeing where Dan Kogan and the digital marketing industry go in the near future.

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