Apex Legends pirates exposed for plotting Wild Titanfall scheme

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At the beginning of last month, Apex Legends was effectively shut down by hackers who claimed to attack the game in an attempt to “save” Fall of the Titans. A website, SaveTitanfall.com, was supposed to be linked to the shutdown; however, the site pushed back, claiming it had no connection with the hackers. Now, new information indicates that there was indeed a connection, although not as straightforward as previously believed. Instead, a much more complex picture took shape, one involving high-ranking members of the SaveTitanfall.com community plotting behind the scenes of secret Discord groups. These members would not only be at the origin of the Mountain peak failure but the very Fall of the Titans hacks that the Mountain peak the stop was “to protest”. All of this appears to have been done in an effort to resurrect the canceled game Fall of the Titans Online.

The 4th of July, Apex Legends was almost completely shut down by a group of pirates who claimed to work with SaveTitanfall.com. At the time, it was believed that these Mountain peak hackers were using the July closure to protest the terrible condition of the old Fall of the Titans games had fallen over the years, with constant hacking and server issues which makes it difficult to play the old games. All game messages appearing in Apex Legends in the attack on July 4, he referred to SaveTitanfall.com, but those responsible for that site quickly moved away from the whole picture. In particular, a pair of key members of the Remnant Fleet Discord server (a Fall of the Titans community group) continued to push back the narrative that the Mountain peak the hackers were part of SaveTitanfall.com. The two were P0358, a popular community figure with a reputation for being a “good hacker”, and Redshield, a friend of P0358 and an administrator of Remnant Fleet. Like angry Mountain peak players broke into the Discord server, which was linked to SaveTitanfall.com, to express their anger over the shutdown, these two users tried to make it clear that they and SaveTitanfall had nothing to do with it.

However, evidence and documents released yesterday as part of a community investigation paint a totally different story. In a large, detailed 40-page PDF, the investigation uses screenshots, emails, texts and other Discord evidence to claim that P0538, Redshield and a small group of hackers were working together to attack Fall of the Titans 1, 2, and Apex Legends. And oddly enough, it seems that it was all for the purpose of bringing back Titanfall online.

A little background: Around 2018, a few Fall of the Titans the communities have joined together to create a website and a group, SaveTitanfall.com. The idea was to draw attention to how Fall of the Titans 1 and to a lesser extent, its sequel was constantly being hacked, with the servers being DDOSed and shut down. While Respawn and EA have always claimed to be aware of the issues and even fixed some issues and security flaws in older shooters, the SaveTitanfall group were not happy. The community continued to push for more updates while claiming Respawn and EA were committing “fraud” by selling games that didn’t work.

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But the investigation by current members of SaveTitanfall.com, which no longer affiliates with PO358 or the remaining fleet, seems to confirm that, ironically, much of TF1 and TF2S hack issues were the result of P0358 and other members of SaveTitanfall. These members, led by P0358, are said to have worked in secret to break Fall of the Titans 1 and 2, then publicly offering ways to fix the very issues they created, with the goal of potentially being hired by Respawn and / or accessing TF1 source code.

In an interview with Eurogamer in April 2021, Redshield explained that the group wanted to take control of TF1 to an extent, even claiming that Respawn was aware of and open to this idea. Additionally, they asked Respawn to give them direct access to TF1tools, servers and source code. But investigation alleges it wasn’t because Redshield, P0358 or their fellow hackers actually wanted to help. Fall of the Titans. Rather, it was part of a plan to resurrect and carry the shooter canceled Fall of the Titans Online. The little secret group Fall of the Titans hackers needed these files and tools to properly bring TFO back. These hackers were so desperate to access this content that at one point Redshield applied for a role as a community manager at Respawn.

Evidence revealed by the investigation, including screenshots from Discord threads, would show P0358 wanted Fall of the Titans 1 and 2 close, assuming it would help their own TFO long term project. It also seems to reveal another reason for the Apex Legends server attack on July 4th. In a message, P0358 explains that all future Apex Legends breakdowns will be attributed to the site and its members. In theory, this misdirection could make it more difficult for the community to gain support from Respawn and could lead to a community backlash to. Fall of the Titans.

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Fall of the Titans players were stunned by what the investigation appeared to have revealed. P0358 was considered by many to be a good and noble hacker working to save the game. He posted a Medium article explaining how to correct many Fall of the Titanssecurity and stability issues that pirates exploited. Of course, it looks like we now know how PO358 was so knowledgeable about how hackers were disrupting the game: him and his little group. by TFO– loving friends were actually behind the hacks, playing back and forth against each other in a bizarre effort to bring back a failed free-to-play port Fall of the Titans designed for the Asian market.

So, to sum it up: hackers have used Apex Legends perform a false flag hack to harm the Fall of the Titans scene to help them get Respawn’s attention so they can be hired so they can get the source code at Fall of the Titans so they can use it to bring back Fall of the Titans Online. Simple, right?

Since the publication of the investigation and its findings, those named in the document have either kept silent, closed their accounts, or issued public statements denying their involvement. Kotaku contacted P0358 and attempted to contact others named in the document.

On The Remnant Fleet Discord server, Redshield claimed that the investigation “took things out of context” in an attempt to “slander” him and others named in it. He also claims to be in contact with a popular YouTuber in an effort to share his side of the story.

“Until then,” Redshield explained, “I wish everyone knew we are not late. Fall of the Titans 1 attacks, Fall of the Titans 2 attacks, Apex Legends attacks. ”

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