Archant Media Company Announces Major Recruitment Campaign


Everyone talks about “bouncing back better”. At Archant, we put our money where we are.

We’ve launched a massive recruiting drive to find over 70 of the most talented, curious, creative and forward-thinking people to join us, as we strive to give local media a hell of a boost.

Throughout Covid, our amazing sales teams have stood by our customers. At times when many local businesses are literally on the brink, we’re here to help. Not sold. To listen, learn, share our knowledge, find whatever it takes to do the right thing. And, in so many cases, just give the moral support needed to get them through.

Then there are our journalists. Local media has truly never been more important and our reporters, video crews, podcasters and social media specialists continue to beat the drums for our local communities – our democracies – louder than ever. This is one of the reasons more people are turning to us now than they ever have. Never. Since we started 170 years ago.

Behind this are the specialists who allow us to do things differently. Data scientists, product architects, marketers, web developers, and technical engineers. Designers developing innovative AI and interactive digital advertising campaigns.

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So, if all is well, why are we looking for more people? Because we strive to be more.

Managing Director Lorna Willis said: “Without a doubt, the best thing about working in media is the pace. Things change every day. It’s incredibly liberating.

“I want our employees to come into work every morning with a new idea. The more we innovate, create, and obsess over the service, knowledge and expertise we provide to our communities, the stronger we become – and to fuel that, we need more knockout talent.

Lorna, 45, took over as CEO earlier this year. The first woman to hold the most senior position, not only at Archant but in the regional publishing industry.

With her energy and frankness, she added, “I remember attending a digital technology conference in the United States and sharing what we are doing. How we work hand in hand with organizations like Google to build digital news brands to invigorate local communities. How we produce hours of award-winning podcasts and videos. How we are constantly experimenting with emerging media.

“No one could believe I worked for a local media company! It’s a shame, but all of this – and therefore much more – is part of our daily life at Archant.

“I am fortunate to work with exceptional talent who receive exceptional training and support. There is simply nothing more exciting than seeing smart, ambitious and go-getter talents come into the company and watch them grow.

“Okay, that sounds like a cliché, but I want to meet more people who think differently. Who have new ideas and are brave enough to try things out.

“This is how I came through the ranks at Archant and I want my people to do the same. I firmly believe that everyone should be themselves here and I want us to stand up for diversity. I won’t lie – this is a difficult transplant. Sometimes the days are long – but the satisfaction is immense.

The 70+ opportunities span the entire organization, both in role and geography – and include media account managers, campaign engineers, creative videographers, magazine editors, PPC specialists, and developers. of websites.

Lorna added, “We welcome all types of people. A real mix of characters all bringing unique talents to the table. This desire to discover new talent – the most important in many years – reflects our optimism and our confidence for the future. “

To discover all the opportunities – and to learn more about our culture, our commitment to the development of our colleagues and our benefits, visit

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