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Balancing creative writing skills with marketing goals

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By Wanda Lafond

Digital marketing is a special field. Some marketing writers are drawn to their work because of their interest in selling things, while others, especially content marketers, find it a lucrative way to use their creative writing skills to win their life. However, it is difficult to find the right balance between being creative and selling products. Here are some helpful tips for balancing your creative writing skills with your marketing writing goals.

7 Ways to Balance Content Marketing and Creative Writing

1. Improve your research skills

The first thing to understand about digital marketing is that there is a lot of research going into it. That’s why you need to improve your research skills before you can work on the technical or artistic aspects of your writing.

The best thing about improving your research skills is that inevitably your creative writing improves as well. Think about it. When you understand what you’re writing about, you’re better able to put a concept into words and communicate more effectively with your audience. The more effort you put into your research, the easier it will be to sell a product, while also providing the product information in a creative way.

2. Focus on your target audience

Always keep in mind that you need to constantly focus on your target audience. Each article you write will cover a particular topic and be written in a particular format, but it must also be suitable for a particular audience. It must meet the needs and interests of the reader to strike a chord with him and engage him.

This is why you should always remember who your readers are. As you write, ask yourself if your ideal reader would find your text interesting. Will they keep reading? Will they be entertained, educated or informed? Will they want to buy the product/service you are talking about? All of these questions will help keep your writing in the right direction.

3. Develop your own process

This seems to be both common advice and rarely talked about. As a creative writer and as a digital marketer, you need to be consistent. This consistency can only be achieved if you organize what you do. Therefore, you need to develop your own content writing process that is exactly how you write, what you write, and why you do it the way you do.

No two writers are identical. It’s because writing is such a creative process in itself. However, there are some common tips available for writers who are struggling to organize their writing process. These tips can be a great starting point, but you need to develop your own way of doing things and stick to it. It’s the only way to be consistent in what you do.

4. Show off your strengths

Every writer and trader has their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s easy to worry about the things you can’t do, but that will only keep you in a negative frame of mind and prevent you from succeeding. That’s why you need to focus on your strengths and show them off when you can. If you know how to do something and you can do it well, then why not use it to your advantage?

A strength can be something simple, for example, you might be very good at telling jokes. If you’re trying to persuade potential customers to convert or make a purchase, include humor in your writing to add a creative flair to your pieces while maximizing their emotional impact.

Figure out what your strengths are and apply them to your writing and marketing to combine the two most effectively.

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5. Grab the audience’s attention early on

When you read a book, you know how long it sometimes takes before the plot begins to unfold. Book writers don’t always like to jump right into the action. But while this approach might be ideal for creative writing, it’s not ideal for digital marketing. When you’re creating content, you need to grab your audience’s attention right from the start.

Online users are bombarded with all kinds of content, so they’ve had to adapt by not responding to everything they see. If you really want your content to be read, grab your audience’s attention from the start.

6. Set a realistic schedule

One of the keys to success in writing (and marketing) is to have a habit. When you develop a habit of writing, you can really achieve something great in the long run. But the problem with that is that you have to commit to what you’re doing for a long time. And it can be quite difficult, which is why you need to set a realistic schedule for yourself.

On the one hand, you can think of writing as your job – after all, digital marketing is about doing a job. But when it comes to creative writing, there’s a tendency to assume that you can only write something creative when you’re inspired.

But how can you get the job done if you only write when you “feel like it”? That’s why you need a schedule where you force yourself to sit down and write a specific number of words each day. It’s the only way to develop a habit and improve.

7. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment. Creative writing is all about creativity, and true creativity can only be achieved if you’re willing to take risks, try new things, make mistakes, and find something that works for you after all those trial and error.

The best thing about it is that digital marketing can also be about experimentation. Of course, there are certain rules and best practices that most marketers follow. But who said rules should always be followed and should never be broken? When you combine creative writing and digital marketing, you’re bound to break some rules, so go for it and don’t be afraid to do it. Experiment and discover something new.

Gradually find the perfect balance

Ultimately, you shouldn’t take things too seriously and stress yourself out over them. Instead, take it one step at a time and gradually find the perfect balance between the two. Digital marketing cannot survive without creativity, but too much creativity could ultimately undermine the goal of marketing, which is to sell a product.

That’s why it’s so important that you take the time to hone your writing skills and develop your own writing process that combines creative writing with digital marketing. This way, you will be able to produce the best content for your particular audience and satisfy both your readers’ needs and your own.

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