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If your business has recognized Memorial Day on social media, there’s a chance the celebratory language will fall flat against the solemnity of the occasion.

Gyi and Conrad discuss how to recognize vacations from a business perspective in an appropriate way.

Search engine optimization leads the news with the release of The State of Linking 2021 Report, controversy on Google penalizing a company for a linking practice relating to a scholarship it provides, and the last Google Basic Update.

Confuses? Gyi says don’t worry and explains the three things you really need to know.

The move towards user privacy by the big players, namely Apple, Facebook and Google, occupies an important place in the marketing space. Gyi and Conrad discuss what the change will mean for marketers. Hear the bottom line on cost and creativity.

Conrad and Gyi round off the episode with six tactical takeaways from their recent Bedlam Legal Marketing Conference.

Topics include local SEO and conversion approaches, the counterintuitive value of untracked links, and the benefit of regularly testing title tags.

The world is not still. Your marketing strategy shouldn’t either, they advise.

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