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As much as social media would have you believe in how easy it is to be an entrepreneur, starting a business is definitely no easy task. But if you’ve been successful in overcoming those initial hurdles and gaining momentum, the next step is to make sure your passion project continues on the path to growth.

One way to do this is to expand the reach of your business with online advertising. Now, before you spruce up for Instagram or learn every dance on TikTok, there are some automated digital marketing alternatives that are a little more convenient than dancing.

One of the services with higher conversion rates that you can consider is Microsoft Advertising. Membership in the platform is free and you can currently earn $ 100 in Search Network ads when you spend $ 25 for the service.

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The gateway to more business

Women holding smart phone

Women holding a smart phone

With Windows basically installed on every PC, it’s no surprise that a staggering number of people are using the Microsoft Search Network. On Bing, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and other affiliate sites, there are 719 million unique monthly searchers worldwide. According to Microsoft Advertising, this includes “47 million [people] you will not find it on google.

But more importantly, this group of potential product buyers presents the following metrics that may perfectly match your favorite customers:

  • Microsoft Search Network users spend 22% more online than the average searcher.

  • 71% of researchers are 35 and over.

  • 60% of researchers attended university.

  • 55% of researchers earn $ 75,000 or more per year.

It is this combination of statistics that makes the Microsoft Search Network a particularly interesting audience. If the target audience for your product or service matches some or all of these metrics, higher conversion rates and better ROI (return on investment) are more likely for your campaigns.

Access to this type of reach has certainly helped a business like Santa Barbara Chocolate. Using the platform, the small California brand took advantage of the greater exposure to gain significantly more fans across the states and even increased its conversion rate by 476%.

Many other companies also continue to share similar positive results through Microsoft Advertising, such as:

  • An 83% increase in clicks from re-engaged audiences that are more likely to convert.

  • A 200% increase in CVR (conversion rate) while reducing cost per click by 30% with Shopping campaigns.

  • A 44% improvement in campaign CTR (click-through rate).

  • A 389% year-over-year (year-over-year) increase in conversions.

While these statistics may reflect the focus on online sales, the service is also a great tool for driving more local business. So if you’re looking to drive more traffic to the bakery you just opened or get more phone inquiries for your body shop, Microsoft Advertising can be customized to do just that.

Cost outlook

Businesswomen in store on tablet

Businesswomen in store on tablet

Microsoft Advertising is a pay-per-click service and can help any business, large or small. There is no minimum requirement to use the platform. So if you are starting a watch flipping business from scratch, you don’t have to worry about destroying your bank account to advertise it.

Automated ad creation, extensions, and bidding save you time on campaign management and help you get the best possible return on your investment. Microsoft Advertising also offers a free professional service of digital advertising experts ready to help businesses achieve their goals regardless of their budget.

A window of opportunity

Businessman in store on tablet

Businessman in store on tablet

As mentioned earlier, signing up for Microsoft Advertising is free and you can currently earn $ 100 in Search Network ads when you spend $ 25 for the service. The platform offers all kinds of tools and information to help you achieve various goals for your business.

You can even import your Google Ads campaigns if you plan to change or want to add this service to complement your current marketing efforts.

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Whether it’s for greater ad engagement, more phone calls, additional traffic, online product sales, or additional online conversions, you can reach high-value audiences for a fraction of the cost with Microsoft Advertising.

Our editors go to great lengths to ensure that the information in this article is accurate as of the date of publication, but be aware that offers may change. We encourage you to check all the terms and conditions of any product before applying.

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