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Building your social media marketing strategy for 2022

Social networks are a huge virtual world to which people turn in search of entertainment and valuable information. Users are eager to discuss relevant content and share experiences. Thus, marketers looking for new sales have started considering this user segment to reach target customers. This is how the concept of social media marketing strategy was born. Developing a competent social media marketing strategy and implementing it step by step can attract a significant amount of new traffic to the target resource.

It can increase sales, make the brand recognizable and generate buzz. There are many different social media strategies for businesses, but the most important steps to consider in 2022 will be outlined below.

Discover the goals, objectives and target audience of the brand

Before creating a branded social media account or suitable social media tool and apply the most relevant development tactics. The preliminary phase includes:

  • Designate the main goals and objectives of the brand – the marketing strategy must be in line with company policy;
  • Determine the target audience, so that the most relevant content can be selected;
  • Determine the reputation of the company and compare its level with the reputation of competitors to understand the entire scope of work.

These preparatory steps will allow companies to approach the creation of the strategy with the right mindset and not miss the critical nuances.

Choose a social platform

To apply the latest social media tool options and get results, you need to find the right platform. For example, if your target customers are young people under the age of 35 who love fashion, travel and trends, then Instagram is ideal. On the other hand, if companies want the target audience to discuss the brand and actively share their impressions, they should choose Twitter or Facebook (Meta).

Businesses need to have brand accounts on almost every social media to keep up with trends. The work of SMM specialists on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn will allow the company not to miss any customers.

Publish quality content

Also, to use any social media tool effectively, one should make sure that the account is truly useful to the audience. Businesses should place one or more types of content on the page:

  • Entertaining content is the most popular type. It instantly gets a response from the audience and garners lots of likes;
  • The educational content is relevant because the format of mini-posts on social networks allows users to quickly acquire interesting knowledge;
  • Commercial content is a description of useful qualities of products that will increase interest and sales of goods/services;
  • Informative content includes news, reviews of company products, interviews with brand representatives and information about the life of the company.

Paying attention to user-generated content is also essential. Businesses should post customer reviews, responding positively to their comments and questions.

Brand design

However, social media marketing does not only include interesting posts and reactions to customer reviews. Maintaining a corporate style is key when creating a brand page – it helps the design become more recognizable.

The appearance of the page should enhance a brand’s recognition and reputation, so businesses should not save money here. It makes sense to order banners and profile pictures for social networks from designers. A branded cover and various holiday postcards with the company logo are an integral part of the SMM strategy for 2022.

Promotional channels

It is necessary to attract subscribers and customers to the chosen platform, and SMM specialists must make this flow constant. For these purposes, various methods of promotion are useful:

  • Advertising on social networks aimed at the target audience;
  • Targeting (the advertisement is only visible to a certain number of users who meet certain criteria);
  • Advertising in popular communities with a large flow of users;
  • Advertise products through various contests that require re-posting of brand posts.

The company may also promote brand accounts or company products through popular influencers.

social media marketing strategy

Performance Tracking

Implementing an SMM strategy can be done with varying degrees of effectiveness. To determine which advertising campaigns are attracting an audience and bringing results, it is customary to monitor these parameters:

  • Subscriber growth;
  • The number of reposts;
  • Audience coverage by a particular publication;
  • The amount of User Content posted;
  • The number of visits to the site.

All this is compared to the costs of specialists (designer, copywriter, SMM expert, etc.) to understand the effectiveness of the campaign.


If the company competently approaches the described steps, its social media marketing will bring outstanding results. Besides, when the SMM promotion process is already underway, it is essential to make adjustments. Analyzes are needed to highlight the most effective actions to use wisely and redistribute the advertising budget.

At the same time, unique content, creativity and open communication with subscribers attract an audience, helping to reduce advertising costs. The brand should regularly populate its social page with new material, comment on reviews, and run contests — doing so will quickly make the platform a great promotional tool!