Call Tracking for Google Ads and SEO: Convert Leads Faster [Webinar]


Are you ready to improve your business approach and convert leads faster?

Inbound call processes are a gold mine, but unfortunately often overlooked by business leaders who assume bad leads.

Deliver better customer experiences with well-planned paid and organic search campaigns that use the right keywords.

On September 22, I hosted a Sponsored Search Engine Journal webinar presented by Franco Aquino, co-founder of REN Marketing, and joined by Laura Lawrie, Principal Product Manager of CallRail.

They shared ideas on how you can boost your paid and organic lead generation campaigns using call tracking.

Check out the highlights and key takeaways below.

The problem: your SEO and PPC efforts

The problem is, the standard PPC and SEO approach for many businesses uses the same tools that have been around for several years.

You may already be driving traffic, generating leads, and knowing which search queries led to those leads, but you’re not using tools that aren’t the best for the job.

Google Ads limitations

Google Ads has access to forwarding numbers for ads. However, it doesn’t facilitate organic traffic, and you don’t own the numbers either.

If you use Google Ads, you can put the number on a Google Ad extension. Additionally, you can put tracking numbers on a landing page.

But at the end of the day, these aren’t numbers that will necessarily help you with organic traffic. These numbers are also not the property of the company for which you are serving ads.

So later on, if, say, someone interacts with your ad and calls a number six months later, that number might not get them to the number they thought they were going to take them to.

It is therefore a missed opportunity on the road.

Google Analytics limits

Google Analytics provides SEO / PPC conversion numbers but has inaccurate tracking of clicks as calls, and there is no context for incoming calls.

It’s not the most accurate when trying to track conversions on clicks on the phone call button. For example, if someone opens their mobile device and clicks a call button that clicks that first click, that is an unnecessary call.

Google Analytics, while great for obtaining this data, does not provide the context for the calls themselves. So you cannot listen to calls because Google Analytics does not record this.

Challenge 1: No idea how the calls go


  • You may not know the answer to “are these leads good?” “
  • The length of the call is useful, but it can be misleading.


Are Your SEO Efforts Generating High Quality Leads?


Are you using appropriate types of correspondence?

Without the right context, you won’t know if specific keywords are helping you get dates or sales.

Many businesses do not use advanced call tracking software when managing their campaigns; instead, they use the tools included in multiple platforms.

Challenge 2: No understanding of the relationship between keywords and calls


  • One of these keywords has a higher intent: “Miami Dentist” compared to “Emergency Dentist”.
  • Understanding how calls go can help you win easily.


What keywords generate calls?


How do callers differ from keyword to keyword?

When using call tracking software to direct people to a landing page or blog post, you want to know what search queries got them there and how those calls went.

This will allow you to understand what the difference is between the keywords so that you can put the money where it counts.

Challenge 3: No inbound process measurement


  • If the campaign generates good leads, why is the customer wanting to reduce their business?
  • Ask yourself the following question: “Does the receptionist / salesperson help the movement?”


Does the receptionist request an appointment?


How many calls do we answer or leave unanswered?

These little details are important to share with businesses because they show that you are a partner in what they do.

Additionally, they provide an opportunity to convert more of those leads into customers. Ultimately, this helps in customer retention.

Challenge 4: No understanding of Google’s changes


  • How do Google’s changes affect you?
  • For example, changing the broad query modifier had an impact on the quality of leads we received.


Have you noticed a change in the leads generated after a Google update?


Did removing BMM help us? How did it affect us?

You would want to make sure you have the context and determine how certain changes are affecting your campaigns.

You run blind campaigns

When customers say they’re getting bad leads, some leads are bad, but they might not have a great inbound call process and might not know it.

Running blind campaigns results in low customer retention for agencies and a terrible experience for businesses.

A dental client story

Scenario before:

Call Tracking for Google Ads and SEO: Convert Leads Faster [Webinar]

Franco shares that his client had no idea when he asked how many clients they generated with a budget of $ 30,000. The customer didn’t like Google ads just because their approach wasn’t right the first time around.

The solution: continuous improvement with advanced call tracking software

Franco’s team was able to attract the client as soon as he mentioned that he would follow up on prospects transparently and see what they generated for them. This extra transparency really made all the difference.

After the scenario

They have installed tracking numbers and contact forms.

  • Spending on Google PPC with measurable results (eg they know they generate appointments).
  • An improved sales process that impacted their other channels.
  • Tons of opportunities found for a 20-year-old office in business.
  • Confidence in what brings them new patients.
  • They know who came from the commercials.

The call tracking tool they used

Using CallRail as a tracking tool, he allowed Franco’s team to do the following:

  • Offline call tracking
  • Online call tracking
  • Customer journey
  • Dynamic digital insertion
  • Notice of Appeal
  • Free call recording
  • Call forwarding
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Google Ads integration
  • Google My Business Integration or Facebook Integration

Franco’s team has been able to leverage these tools to provide their clients with the correct data and the right ideas to ensure their advertising dollars are well spent.

Benefits of advanced call tracking software

Advantage 1: identify the best performing channels

Call Tracking for Google Ads and SEO: Convert Leads Faster [Webinar]

Advantage 2: Capture the right keywords

You will identify the keywords that have generated traffic and leads and use this information to launch a PPC or SEO campaign.

Example: Using PPC campaign data to create optimized content for a new website design.

Benefit 3: Show Customers You Can Deliver Results

Do you want to please your customers?

Deliver results, whether it’s getting people to buy, scheduling a date, or taking some other conversion action.

Call Tracking for Google Ads and SEO: Convert Leads Faster [Webinar]Advantage 4: Measure the quality of prospects

Are you getting the right calls? You have to know:

  • What are they interested in?
  • Are callers motivated or doing research?
  • Are these the wrong phone numbers?
    • Example: change of BMM “Miami dentist”

Call Tracking for Google Ads and SEO: Convert Leads Faster [Webinar]

Benefit 5: Improve the incoming call process

  • Listen to calls to determine the effectiveness of keywords and inbound sales.
  • Use information to train customer staff with a call script.
    • Example: Dental client’s initial inbound process affected by all paid and organic efforts. They had potentially lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in business over the years.

Call Tracking for Google Ads and SEO: Convert Leads Faster [Webinar]

Your next steps

Take a look at the call tracking software that gives you some of these features:

Call Tracking for Google Ads and SEO: Convert Leads Faster [Webinar]

Key points to remember

  • The standard approach to PPC and SEO for many businesses has been using the same tools for several years.
  • Most current tools like Google Ads and Google Analytics, while great for getting data, don’t provide the context for the calls themselves.
  • You don’t just generate leads for customers. You provide them with the help they need to be able to close those leads.

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