CEO Spotlight: Ameel Sajjad – Promising Marketing Consultant in Dubai


As a leading digital marketing consultant in Dubai, Ameel Sajjad is on a mission to educate everyone on how to generate interest in their brands. While operating under the name of Ameel Sajjad Consulting, he works with companies large and small, helping everyone learn how to promote their products and services like the experts. To do this, he keeps his ear to the ground, always taking the time to learn the latest marketing information. With this, he can provide his clients with effective tips and tricks to use in their own advertisements and more. Here’s a look at the information he’s sharing for 2021.

Ameel Sajjad is still focused on improving the user experience

No matter what kind of digital marketing techniques Ameel Sajjad uses, he always puts user experience at the forefront of everything he does. This approach aligns with modern search engine algorithms, such as those used by Google, which measure a variety of important factors, such as:

  • Page load speed
  • security
  • Overall friendliness
  • Interactivity
  • Visual stability

The algorithm even checks if the content is mobile-friendly, as there are a lot of people browsing the web on the go these days.

By making user experience a top priority, business owners can meet the needs of their target audience and search engines. These efforts ensure that website visitors always feel supported by the brand. Additionally, it encourages the algorithm to give every page high marks and place it higher on the search results pages.

Pair SEM with Smart PPC Tactics

Search engine marketing, or SEM, pairs well with smart pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising to create a cohesive inbound and outbound strategy. SEM focuses on using keywords in organic content and paid ads to drive traffic to the website and allow it to do the job of promoting conversions.

PPC ads, on the other hand, automatically position the website at the top of search results to capture interest despite the use of keywords. Together, they can shed light on new websites that might have difficulty competing with major industry players.

Google Ads is the most popular choice for paid ads because they are a leader in this area. Website owners can also pay for ads through their favorite social media platforms to deliver a wide network.

Don’t forget about promising search engines

While Google is the search engine of choice for many, its lack of privacy leaves room for others to rise to the top. So, while using SEM and PPC tactics, it is important to think about alternatives, such as:

  • Bing
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Never will
  • Ecosie

By using all of the search engines to shape marketing strategies, businesses can ensure that their content gets in front of their target audience time and time again. While doing this, everyone should remember that the algorithm on each platform changes with regular updates. They tend to post patch reports so that everyone is well informed of the changes, allowing the strategy to be adjusted accordingly.

Ameel Sajjad monitors all key performance indicators

Regardless of which search engines are the focus of the marketing campaign, KPIs can lead the way to greatness. Google has many great tools to monitor these crawls, and emerging search engines are likely to follow suit.

When it comes to Google, the best place to study analytics is their quality score and search query reports. With these metrics, it’s easy to focus on the keywords that work best for both on-page search engine optimization, SEO, and PPC ads.

After that, it is essential to pay attention to the rate of impressions on the search engine results pages of Google Ads, or SERPs. This will reveal which keywords are performing the best for driving traffic to the site and promoting conversions.

Harness the power of call analytics for all your marketing campaigns

Search engine analysis is not the only way to gauge the success of marketing efforts. Call analytics platforms also help brands align their marketing campaigns with the customer journey. When each customer calls their customer service, they can use this number to track their behavior through precise analyzes.

When business owners look at the data for each issue, they can see how keywords resonate with certain customers and gauge their engagement behaviors on ads and web pages. It is also possible to segment audiences more effectively to enable the creation of targeted advertising campaigns. The AI-powered system can even place calls into precise categories based on their demographics, purchases, and even search intent.

Adjust the PPC approach to track consumer trends

Much like SEO, PPC ads allow brands to automatically set up their campaigns and let them run for as long as they want. Unfortunately, this approach could backfire as consumer trends change so quickly.

PPC ads only show what is scheduled in the campaign and do not respond to any changes in the industry. So, if a big trend occurs, the company must make the changes manually to capture the attention of the public. If they miss the opportunity, the PPC tool will not let them know until after the fact.

Business owners can get around this problem by making regular research on industry trends a top priority. With this, they can get information that helps them guide their marketing efforts and tells them when to make changes to their PPC ads.

Withhold paid social ads during times of turmoil

In addition to exploring trends in their industry, business owners should keep a close eye on current events. This way, they can put their marketing campaigns on hold during times of social unrest or after major tragedies.

Since everyone is focused on following the event and dealing with the consequences, they are not at all receptive to advertisements and may even find them unresponsive. This can lead to wasted ad spend and, even worse, a negative reputation for the company in question.

Watch for opportunities as markets start to recover

Once the events are over, business leaders can reposition their business as a source of positivity and light. They will need to seriously think about which channels to target and how best to resonate with their target audience. Otherwise, their marketing efforts could fail or even backfire.

If they want to address the event in their advertisements, they always need to make a bold statement that connects with the brand’s message. Trying to use subtlety can often lead to miscommunication, after all, causing advertisements to fail to serve their purpose.

Businesses can also just go ahead with their marketing campaigns and refuse to respond in any way to current events. They can simply restart their previous ads and continue working on new campaigns focused on the needs of the target audience.

Ameel Sajjad: hire a marketing consultant for honest feedback

Business owners can often find themselves with tunnel vision when trying to create marketing campaigns. They can focus only on what has worked in the past, for example, without coming up with even more effective approaches.

Fortunately, they can hire a marketing consultant to get around this problem. With the help of a trained consultant, they will end up with brand new information about the brand, customer acquisition and more.

Whether or not they decide to hire a marketing consultant, business owners can draw on this key information from Ameel Sajjad. Then they should come back at least once a year to adjust their strategy and continue to achieve their goals.

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