Change Coming to State’s Covid-19 Microcluster Areas as Gyms and Lounges Reopen | Local News


He added that the state was analyzing Covid-19 data from indoor dining rooms and that a change in guidelines could come on Monday.

Cuomo also reiterated his belief that it is clear that children are better off, for educational and health reasons, in school. Still, Buffalo Public Schools plan to continue distance learning until February 1 at the earliest, a development Cuomo addressed on Friday.

“The City of Buffalo recently announced that it will keep its schools closed. I respect local governments, I respect the prerogative of local governments in education, I understand the balance,” Cuomo said. “But my advice… the most informed experts will say tests in schools, but if schools are safer, leave schools open.”

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz said he addressed the issue during a phone call with the governor early Friday.

“As previously reported, we don’t see transmission in local schools among students, but we do see it among staff,” Poloncarz said in a tweet. “We are all concerned about the lack of learning at school in some districts.”

Cuomo also broke down new metrics that would determine whether the state imposes a “red zone,” “orange zone,” or “yellow zone” on a community.

The state has focused in recent weeks on hospitalizations as a data point and the changes announced on Friday focus on a community’s ability to manage its load of Covid-19 patients.

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