Marketing strategy

Coachella: in Peta + Jain’s marketing strategy

Ragtrader asks Lauren Pendergast, Head of Marketing and Public Relations for Peta + Jain, to walk readers through Coachella’s marketing strategy, from influencer marketing to dedicated product lines.

We at Peta + Jain were thrilled to see the return of Coachella this year.

As an Australian brand, Coachella and our pre-Coachella giveaway event in LA gave us access to celebrities and influencers, with a reach that extends far beyond the festival grounds.

The whole world could see their outfits in real time via Instagram and TikTok, amplifying our brand globally.

Coachella is the most anticipated fashion event of festival season and the outfits are just as important as the performances. Trends for the rest of the year’s festival fashion are often dictated by outfits worn by celebrities and influencers.

Focusing on festivals is something we’ve been doing for many years in Australia, so a big international music festival was the next step.

We officially launched into the US market 12 months ago and through our designated agency have been actively building our brand awareness and profile.

As part of the festival strategy, it made sense for us as a brand to be on the ground and maximize the opportunity to be among this gathering of influencers, tastemakers, media and brands.

We saw the festival as an unmissable opportunity for market research. We came away with a clear idea of ​​what’s trending in festival fashion, who’s wearing our brand and what styles were most popular.

For us, regardless of the campaign, the most important strategy is to have a customer-centric focus for what we want to achieve in social media and marketing.

We released our first dedicated festival collection, DESSERT DISCO, six weeks before the festival and saw traffic increase in the US by 70% and Australia by 35%. Overall sales during the festival period increased by 50%.

Content is a priority for us because it’s key to connecting with our core consumers. We ran several social media giveaways ahead of Coachella to create engaging content for our customers.

To amplify the collection, before and during the festival, we worked on a structured influencer campaign to maximize visibility on social media.

We have activated through donations, paid partnerships and participation in events.

Our involvement in a pre-Coachella multi-brand giveaway event in Los Angeles proved successful in getting our product in good hands ahead of the festival. Guests in attendance had a combined following IG of over 422.7 million and resulted in over 200 placements before the festival kicked off.

The festival has proven to be one of the most popular calendar events for influencers and celebrities and the return of Coachella has allowed us to create fun and engaging content with global appeal. Our customers have been poring over content to get the latest styles from Coachella.

The results of our first Coachella experience have cemented it as a key date in our marketing calendar and the lessons learned from being on the ground have given us insight into how we can leverage it as the festivals take hold. return to Australia and for our return to Coachella in 2023.