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Anonymous ChatRoulette video chat was once the most popular chat roulette. By the start of 2010, the average daily number of website users reached 1.5 million people. Later, due to a number of factors, interest in the resource waned dramatically, but nonetheless, thousands of people still use it. And here you can really find interesting interlocutors. The main thing is to choose the right subject and communicate correctly. This is what we want to talk about today.

5 interesting topics for a conversation on ChatRoulette

For starters, we want to advise you not to bring up specific topics in a conversation with a girl. You will never talk about religion or politics. Also, don’t start talking about computer games, sports and the like if you are not sure that the interlocutor is interested. Focus on something more “versatile”.

1. Cinema and music. Typically, this is where everyone starts dating. You can discuss the latest news from the film industry, everyone’s musical tastes, give your recommendations. This will be very useful if you find an interesting movie that both of you have watched. So you will definitely have something to discuss. Therefore, talk mostly about popular movies – from Harry Potter to MARVEL blockbusters.

2. Pets. If the other person has a pet, they will most likely be happy to talk about it. And she’ll even gladly show it to you. Tell him about your pets, those who live with you now, and those you had before. And if this is some rare and unusual kind of animal, then you are sure to be offered a fascinating and rich conversation.

3. Hobbies and interests. Almost everyone has a hobby that they would be happy to talk about. And you probably have it too. Make it an interesting topic of conversation. Ask what the other person’s hobbies are, tell them about your hobbies and why they interest you. However, you need to know when to stop. A lot of people are too passionate about their hobbies and can talk about it for hours at times. There is no guarantee that your interlocutor is also interested. Therefore, try to be brief and succinct. At the same time, show maximum interest in the story of the girl. In a way, it will be a compliment for her.

4. Childhood and interesting childhood stories. We all like to remember the past sometimes. And you probably have more than one unusual, funny, or even a little silly childhood memory you and the other person can relate to. These conversations are generally very cheerful and informal. Plus, they’re great for helping you get to know yourself better.

5. Vacation and travel. Maybe it’s impossible to find a person who doesn’t like to travel. It doesn’t matter whether it’s bike trips out of town or an adventurous adventure in less touristy countries. Each of us has more than one or two interesting travel stories. And it’s a great topic for a conversation with an unknown girl and one you’ve known for some time.

Chatroulette alternatives and the reasons for using them

After 2010, the number of ChatRoulette users started to drop. The main reason was the horrible moderation. The number of inappropriate users, bots, and all kinds of counterfeits has increased dramatically. If the men could still take this, the girls started to leave the website. As a result, the website audience started to look like this – 80% male and 20% female. And the total number of users has increased tenfold. They started using websites that not only had much better moderation but also offered a lot more search tools. We can name several leaders among the ChatRoulette alternatives.

1. at one point it was one of ChatRoulette’s main competitors. In addition, Omegle is the first roulette chat in history, which appeared six months earlier. The website has also quickly increased its audience but has not lost it, like ChatRoulette. Even now, more than 10 years after launch, there are around 20,000 users online at any time of the day. It’s not as much as it used to be, but it’s still pretty impressive. In addition, the website offers several additional features: user search by interests, chat for college students and an unmoderated section for communication on any topic.

2. is a very popular video chat for chatting with girls. Its main feature is that the Germany chat rooms connects you only with the opposite sex. This is a great opportunity to meet someone with whom you can develop a serious romantic relationship in the future. Neither ChatRoulette nor Omegle offer to search for interlocutors by gender.

3. is another hot roulette site, with tens of thousands of users online at all times. It offers many useful tools. For example, you can use the search for contacts by gender and geolocation. Very handy if you want to chat with a girl in your area.

4. ChatRoulette which offers an easy search by gender and geolocation. In addition, there is a very good moderation, there are almost no fakes and inappropriate users. Shagle can be used safely if you are interested in comfortable communication without any hassle.

There are now dozens of very popular ChatRoulette alternatives and hundreds of smaller websites. The choice is simply huge and it certainly doesn’t make sense to dwell on just one resource. You can, of course, give ChatRoulette a try to get a feel for how things work out there or to get some insight into where the history of anonymous video chats came from. But if you are in the mood for serious communication and you are not ready to click on your interlocutors for half an hour until a girl appears on the screen, we still recommend that you consider the alternatives.

Use different services, experiment with search parameters, find original communication topics and make new and enjoyable acquaintances without restrictions. Today is easier than ever.

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