Different Ways Omegle Video Chat Can Save You Time Dating


There are an overwhelming number of people who seriously believe that internet dating is a completely hopeless thing. They are sure that you will be able to meet your future soul mate exclusively in real life.

Additionally, there are those who believe that online dating is a last resort and that only the most desperate people use dating sites or video chats. Of course, this is a completely silly and false belief. We will tell you why.


It might be news for you, but the first modern dating site appeared in 1995. It was Match.com, which by the way is very popular to this day. As the developers themselves say, it is thanks to Match.com that over two million couples have met around the world and over one million children have been born. This fact alone is enough to understand that online dating is certainly not a waste of time.

However, statistics have more data to provide:

  • In 2020, around a third of internet users had used dating sites and video chats at least once.
  • Over 1.5 million people spend more than four hours on dating sites every day.
  • The ratio of men to women on popular resources is 50/50.
  • In the United States, thanks to dating sites and video chats, the number of interracial couples rose to 50% in 2017.

And that’s only a small part of the statistics. Users themselves often admit that they use anonymous dating sites and video chats due to the lack of time in real life. Most likely, this trend will continue, as a modern person becomes more and more busy every year. We do not take into account the situation with the coronavirus. Sooner or later everything will return to normal and the active lockdown measures will end. And we will all return to the hectic pace of life.

Of course, you shouldn’t think of online dating as a complete substitute for real dating, but rather a great addition to it. And if you still haven’t discovered this format, now is the time to do so. In addition, there are now many tools for this.

Omegle video chat and its alternatives

the Omegle Chat roulette was launched in 2009, and six months later the daily number of users often exceeded two million. The principle of the resource is quite simple: the system connects you with a random user. You can get to know each other, communicate on various topics, exchange other contact information and, if you wish, make an appointment to meet in person.

The popularity of the website has not gone unnoticed. Not surprisingly, many Omegle alternatives quickly emerged. In addition, many of them have proven to be even more functional and practical. And most importantly, they have great moderation which Omegle sometimes lacks.

The most interesting analogues of Omegle are as follows:

  1. Chatrandom. The website has more features than Omegle. For example, here you can choose who you want to communicate with – men, women or couples. In addition, you can search for contacts by geolocation. There is also a chat room function for several people. A great option if you are embarrassed to talk face to face but want to find new friends.

  2. OmegleTV Chat. This alternative to Omegle is positioned above all as a dating platform for girls from all over the world. The website has very good moderation and a free trial is available for users at https://omegletv.chat/. You can try all the tools available and decide if this format is right for you.

  3. Shagle. Speak in functionality, the website looks more like Chatrandom than Omegle. Here you can also choose who you want to communicate with – with men, girls or couples. Geographic filter available – Shagle operates in over 70 countries. Among the interesting possibilities are virtual gifts for interlocutors.

  4. Chatroulette. In many ways, it copies the functionality of Omegle, and in 2010 the website was its main competitor. However, due to a lack of almost total moderation, Chatroulette quickly lost its audience. Today, this webchat is experiencing a kind of rebirth and is gradually becoming more and more popular. The administration is now placing much more emphasis on the quality of moderation.

There are dozens if not hundreds of alternatives to Omegle. Some just copy the basic functionality, while others offer loads of useful features. Therefore, it is definitely not worth limiting yourself to just one web chat. Try different options, use additional settings, meet and communicate with interesting people however you want.

Modern video chat is not a waste

Think about how much time you will waste if you get to know each other, meet and communicate exclusively in person? Just one acquaintance in real life can cause a lot of problems. And let’s be honest, not everyone enjoys meetings, for example, on the street, especially girls.

By familiarizing yourself on the Internet, you can study dozens of candidates, view profiles on social networks or on dating sites, chat and discuss interesting topics. And the most important thing is to understand before even the first real meeting if you are ready to take your knowledge offline and try to build a relationship with this person. You’ve probably had situations where the first date was a disaster, after which the communication just stopped. In the first place, it’s not very pleasant for both of you. And second, it takes away precious time. And money, if you decide to sit in a cafe, go to the movies, etc.

So, should we deprive ourselves of the possibility of meeting online if it is really more convenient, faster and more efficient? Plus, research confirms that online couples are stronger. Thus, the number of divorces among “online couples” is 6% and among “offline couples” 8%. The difference, admittedly insignificant, still exists.

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