EBay Sponsored Ads Advanced Live BETA


eBay is ready to bring you advanced BETA Sponsored Ads in the US and UK markets. This new type of campaign gives you premium access to the # 1 spot in eBay search results through keyword and budget control.

What you need to know about Advanced BETA Sponsored Ads

  • Sponsored Ads Advanced BETA is based on a cost per click model, so you pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  • It works by letting you target the keywords you are interested in and then bid for the top spot in eBay search results.
  • You always determine exactly how much each click is worth to you.
  • The daily budget feature gives you full control over your ad spend.
  • You can combine it with Promoted Listings Standard for maximum visibility.

What we like

We like the flexibility that this type of campaign will bring to eBay. For retailers accustomed to PPC search engine campaigns, this is a familiar model where you bid on a keyword and pay for a click rather than paying for a sale. It also gives the option to choose which keywords you want to bid on so that you are not limited to eBay algorithms. If you know a keyword works for you, even if it isn’t in your title, you can still bid on it.

Perhaps the main feature is getting to the # 1 spot in eBay search results – it’s a huge plus for sellers if they are in the # 1 search position.

What we don’t like

Some people will hate this type of advertising because the costs are not directly related to sales. However, if that’s you, then it’s simple – stick to the Promoted Listings standard where you only pay for successful sales. This is a type of campaign that will appeal to brands and retailers who already advertise on Google and have experience managing PPC advertising.

Our biggest concern today is the lack of tools to easily manage this new type of campaign. Tools will be needed to manage two things: budget control and keyword selection. eBay does offer some control of course, but this can be considered quite basic compared to the fancy offers we know from third parties for PPC campaigns. There is good news if you are a ChannelAdvisor user, as they have already deployed a solution within their product suite.

Getting Started with Advanced BETA Sponsored Ads

  • Go to the campaign management page.
  • Start by naming your campaign, then choose dates and a daily budget.
  • Name your ad group and add your ads and keywords.
  • Select the cost per click for the keywords, then you are ready to review your campaign.

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