Fay Friedman on Ecommerce SEO vs. Other Common SEO Audit Problems


I met AJH Co SEO and Marketing Director Fay Friedman at a lovely park in New Jersey called Branch Brook Park. Fay has now been SEO for over 10 years for a multitude of businesses, but did a ton of e-commerce SEO in the early part of his career and is now in other forms of SEO. She got into SEO through her writing, she loved writing and someone told her about a negative SEO issue and she was able to get the site back in 6 months. This experience made her addicted to SEO and the power of SEO and taught her that it’s worth doing everything from the start. So just a few tips – don’t bother with SEO, they can ruin your reputation online and on Google for a long, long time.

E-commerce SEO vs other SEO:

Fay explained the difference between e-commerce SEO and property management SEO. She explained that e-commerce SEO is much more technical and nuanced due to pagination, filters, etc. that you need to spend a lot more time with technical on-page SEO. But with local SEO, the website is less complex so you need less time for technical SEO and more time to be creative with content and content marketing and link building.

Common SEO audit issues:

For starters, Fay said that often the audit is the first step to take with a new site. People come to you with a website and tell you to optimize it to rank for me in Google. But there can be many issues with the website that an audit can reveal. Some of the most common issues that arise in these SEO audits are with metadata, page titles, descriptions, duplication issues and all those basics that can be easily fixed. Then sitemap files and robots files, and many sites haven’t even configured Search Console. On the most complex site, sometimes the site architecture will not have your pages readily available in the navigation. In ecommerce a big problem is with pagination and category filters and with rel = next / prev not being available it’s even more complex. On the site migration front, she sees issues with redirects, content, broken links, etc. So these are the most common things she finds in SEO audits.

But often times when you do a site migration it gives you the chance to fix all the issues that you ever wanted to fix. It’s also a great time to breathe new life into old content that you’re investing time and money in, Fay explained. Fay’s biggest pet peeve about this is when a site hasn’t set up Google Search Console. Google gives you information on what’s wrong and you don’t even have it.

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