Google Smart Shopping campaigns: structure, optimization and reports


Join the Marketing O’Clock team for a Marketing O’Talk roundtable. This month, we’re joined by an esteemed panel of PPC experts to talk about Google’s smart buying campaigns.

Log in to learn more about the structure, reporting and optimization of smart purchasing. Plus, we’re trying to answer the million dollar question: are smart buying campaigns really smart?

On the episode, we are joined by:


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Who should use Smart Shopping campaigns?

Pam recommends smart shopping for brands with high audiences.

“Because smart shopping includes a lot of retargeting and a lot of display, it works great for brands that already have a very strong following or have very good brand recognition and do a lot of high profile advertising.

Unless you are selling something unique that people can only get from you, or if you are not the market leader, shopping for you is really hard. “


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Intelligent purchasing optimization

The budget and ROAS goal are the two main levers advertisers can adjust in Smart Shopping campaigns. But how to optimize them?

Kirk recommends making incremental changes to campaigns.

“Balancing the budget and the ROAS goal is sort of the key. And don’t make incremental changes above 10% to 20%, I think that’s really essential. “

Reporting for Smart Shopping campaigns

One of the biggest challenges advertisers face with smart buying campaigns is the lack of data available for analysis. Our guests share some tips on how to extract data from the black box.

Cole says,

“My favorite report I’ve found is for Google Retail Categories. Google is trying to rank the search terms that people use to find products and you can see how they rank in Google Ads.

What surprised me the most is that for my clients, it fell into Google’s retail category with the product advertised in this campaign almost 90% of the time. “

Watch the full episode to hear all the smart buying tips, tricks, and tests our customers recommend!

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