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Greg Bilbro makes GeoFlip a profitable marketing channel for real estate investors

Bilbro offers a consistent and predictable lead generation system for real estate investors nationwide

A highly scalable software company, GeoFlip was co-founded in 2017 by Greg Bilbro with the sole purpose of generating motivated leads for real estate investors (REIs), pinball machines and wholesalers nationwide. As a lead generator for digital marketing, GeoFlip has become a highly profitable marketing channel for REIs across the United States. The business is focused on finding distressed leads, especially from motivated out-of-market sellers.

Each of GeoFlip’s clients benefits from the “100% factor”, meaning 100% inbound, 100% exclusive and 100% in-market leads. This unique “made for you” inbound leads service is a repeatable 7-digit system that allows REIs to focus on turning around while GeoFlip focuses on marketing.

After a decade of successfully flipping hundreds of struggling residential properties himself, Bilbro co-founded the company with an engineering mindset. With a history of over 10 years generating leads and over 20 years as a lead marketer, he has set his sights on achieving 7-figure REI results through the GeoFlip system and has dedicated his entire its focus on the pursuit of exceeding the client’s revenue goals. “Our big goal is to create 7-figure results for 100 real estate investors totaling $100,000,000 a year,” Bilbro said. And as an authority on lead generation with over 2,600 hours of successful conversion coaching, the company is sure to deliver.

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