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The Greater Buffalo Jewish Community Center looks forward to bringing back employees on leave and providing member wellness services, said Michael Rawl, CEO. “We are really happy to be able to get on the right track.”

Connor Black, manager of the fitness room at the JCC Benderson Family Building in Amherst, demonstrates a non-contact thermometer that will be used to help filter members and visitors before they are allowed into the two Fitness facilities at the Greater Buffalo Jewish Community Center.

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The JCC is awaiting the county’s final guidelines before reopening its fitness facilities in Amherst and Buffalo, Rawl said. As for the reduced capacity limit, Rawl said the JCC will work within those restrictions.

“We’re just happy to see that they’ve been adaptive and responsive to the data that is released, which shows that gyms are not a major release point,” he said. “It’s fantastic, and frankly it really helps build confidence when you have things like reduced ability.”

Salon owners were also excited to reopen, but said they were unlikely to be able to make up for business they lost during the two closings.

Eye Candy Salon in the town of Tonawanda has lost almost half of its annual income, according to owner Susanne Botticelli.

The first stop wiped out prom and wedding season, its busiest time of the year. The second shutdown occurred during the next most profitable period, the vacation. Together, the closures set her shop back five to seven years, she said.

The store has lost a third of its customers. Some of them went to stores in Niagara County, where the Covid infection rate was low enough for the salons to stay open, she said.

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