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Photo of Randy Anderson Dave Hess Jr. celebrates Thursday night after winning the $ 10,000 World of Outlaws Late Model Feature at Stateline Speedway for his second WoO victory of his career. Brandon Sheppard was second, Max Blair third, Boom Briggs fourth and Chris Madden fifth.

BUSTI, NY – The Outlaw World Late Models Morton Buildings Late Model Series has come to Stateline Speedway for a $ 10,000 feature up for grabs.

In the first 21 events of the 2021 season, there have been 16 different winners. The characteristic programming was established by time trials, four rounds of 10 laps and two “B”-Sector. By the end of the night, Dave Hess Jr., 26-time winner of the Stateline Super Late Model, had defeated the Invaders for his second career outlaw victory.

In Companion Events, Steve Dixon claimed his second Stateline RUSH Pro-Mod victory of the season and John Boardman won the Penn-Ohio ProStock feature.

Hess had a great night of racing, starting with a quick time of 15.484 seconds, leading each lap of his race, then dominating the main event by 40 laps to collect the $ 10,000 at the end.

Hess and Chris Hackett, the fourth round winner, started the event in first row with second round winner Brandon Sheppard and third round winner Boom Briggs in the second row. At the end of the first round it was Hess in the lead, Hackett, Briggs, Sheppard and Dennis Erb Jr. Briggs took second place in the second round. Sheppard and Hackett were nearly tied on the line in the third round, with Sheppard having made it a lap later.

Yellow stole in the eighth round for Cade Dillard, spun in the second round. When the green returned, former Stateline champion David Scott was in the corner a wall and a five-car pileup involving Jake Finnerty, Hackett, Tyler Bruening, Dutch Davies and Dillard just beyond the wreckage of Scott. On the restart, it was Hess, Sheppard – the current Outlaw points leader and the 2018 winner of this event – Briggs, Max Blair – the 2019 winner – and Erb leading the way. Blair was third at 10 laps with Erb fourth at 12. Yellow flew again at 16 laps for Davies and Finnerty, spun into the first corner. Under yellow Wyatt Scott, winner of the Super Late Model at Stateline, made his way to the pits.

The halfway order was Hess, Sheppard, Briggs, Chris Madden and Erb. With nine laps to go, the leader began to turn the markers back with Sheppard starting to close the gap in the traffic, but Hess quickly pulled away when the traffic cleared. Hess took the win, dominating the night over Sheppard, Blair, Briggs and Madden.

World of Outlaws Late Models Morton Buildings Late Model Series: 36 entries

Time Trial Top 5: Dave Hess Jr. 15.484, David Scott 15.809, Boom Briggs 15.914, Brandon Sheppard 16.006, Chris Hackett 16.075

Round 1: Dave Hess Jr., Max Blair, Ryan Gustin, Chris Madden, Damian Bidwell, Bump Hedman, Bob Dorman, Deshawn Gingerich, Khole Wanzer

Heat 2: Brandon Sheppard, David Scott, Dutch Davies, Jake Finnerty, Greg Oakes, Bryce Davis, Steve Kania, Mike Wonderling, Mike Smith

Heat 3: Boom Briggs, Dennis Erb Jr, Chub Frank, Tyler Bruening, Ricky Weiss, Dan Stone, Ryan Scott, Doug Eck, Kyle Bedell

Heat 4: Chris Hackett, Cade Dillard, Wyatt Scott, Jason Genco, Darrell Bossard, Ross Robinson, Mike Knight, Andy Boozel, Brent Larson

B-Main 1: Greg Oakes, Damian Bidwell, Bump Hedman, Bob Dorman, Deshawn Gingerich, Bryce Davis, Khole Wanzer, Mike Wonderling, Steve Kania, Mike Smith (DNS)

B-Main 2: Ricky Weiss, Mike Knight, Darrell Bossard, Ross Robinson, Ryan Scott, Dan Stone, Brent Larson, Andy Boozel. Doug Eck (DNS), Kyle Bedell (DNS)

Feature: Dave Hess Jr, Brandon Sheppard, Max Blair, Boom Briggs, Chris Madden, Ryan Gustin, Dennis Erb Jr, Greg Oakes, Chub Frank, Ross Robinson, Jason Genco, Ricky Weiss, Tyler Bruening, Darrell Bossard, Brent Larson, Chris Hackett, Cade Fillard, Bump Hedman, David Scott, Wyatt Scott, Dutch Davies, Jake Finnerty, Mike Knight, Damian Bidwell

RUSH ProMods: 20 entries

Round 1: Mike Eschrich, Al Brewer, Victor Earle Jr, Duane Powers Jr, Chad Ramsey, Wayne Mohawk, Tyler Sutton

Heat 2: Dennis Lunger, Carl Irons, Brodie Hill, Cody Stronghart, Stu Rickard, Michael Johnstone, Ryan Howard

Round 3: Adam Ashcroft, Greg Johnson, Steve Dixon, Vaughn Nystrom, Tyler Oakes, Jarrod Silvis

Feature: Steve Dixon, Carl Irons, Mike Eschrich, Duane Powers Jr, Stu Richard, Adam Ashcroft, Michael Johnstone, Cody Stronghart, Brodie Hill, Ryan Howard, Wayne Mohawk, Tyler Sutton, Dennis Lunger, Al Brewer, Victor Earle Jr, Greg Johnson, Tyler Oakes, Vaughn Nystrom, Jarrod Davis, Chad Ramsey

Penn-Ohio ProStocks: 19 entries

Round 1: John Boardman, Don Blood, Josh Beckstrom, Chad Ramsey, Ron Boardman, Brandon Birdsall, David Baker

Round 2: Wesley McCray, Dave Shagla, Christian Couchenour, Bill Applebee, James Hillyer, David Tower

Round 3: Joe Stajnrajh, Jason Covey, Chris Withers, Gary Fisher, Drake McCray, Michael Oakes

Feature: John Boardman, Gary Fisher, Wesley McCray, Ron Boardman, Tanner Ramsey, Bill Applebee, Jim Hilyer, Chris Withers, Drake McCray, David Tower, Dave Shagla, Brandon Birdsall, Jason Covey, Don Blood, David Baker, Josh Beckstrom, Joe Stajnrajh, Michael Oakes, Chris Couchenour

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