Hite Digital continues its successful run, remaining resilient throughout the global crisis


With the world moving into the digital age over the past two decades, many people have found it easier to build their own brands from just about anywhere. For JC Hite, founder of Hite Digital, a digital marketing franchise, he was able to design his brand from his bedroom. Since then, his brand has grown and developed using a business model that has helped other businesses thrive.

JC Hite founded Hite Digital in 2017 from his two bedroom apartment in Nicaragua. Hite Digital is a brand dedicated to changing people’s perspective on digital marketing, encouraging interested and hesitant people to pursue a new business. The brand offers a full-fledged marketing approach while simultaneously focusing on localized service, ensuring customers are valued and prioritized. As Hite Digital has grown, so has the market. JC was aware of the growing market and decided to implement a franchise model, providing specialist treatment from a mom-and-pop boutique that helped cement the success of his brand.

Hite Digital has become one of the most successful brands in digital marketing, empowering and helping businesses grow. The brand is renowned for its professional management solutions and services such as PPC, SEO, Facebook ad campaigns, website design, and branding solutions. Hite Digital’s impact has been felt not only in the United States but in different parts of the world, generating revenues of over $ 1 million. JC attributes his success to his experience in banking and management, a valuable asset that has grown his brand in four years.

A family man, JC Hite’s goal with his brand is to help others build a future that can help their families for years to come. “We are extremely committed to people and help them achieve their goals,” said the founder and CEO of Hite Digital, “With this mindset we have been able to become one of the fastest growing companies in the United States without any debt or venture capital. funds.”

In its third year of operation, the COVID-19 crisis occurred, putting many businesses out of work and affecting marketing agencies with a 40% loss in revenue. However, while the damage was heavy, Hite Digital was able to develop. Without layoffs, pay cuts and lost benefits, the brand has been among the most resilient in the face of adversity.

“I am incredibly proud and inspired by the team that we have put together over the past four years, which is why it was so important to keep everyone together throughout the pandemic,” JC said, “Our Hite Digital’s mission is to empower every employee. to achieve their goals. We recognize that each person has a goal and that if each person achieves that goal, they, their community and the world will be better off. “

Today, Hite Digital continued to grow steadily, adding franchises in Austin, Dallas, Miami, Nashville, Phoenix, San Francisco, St. Louise, Boise, Portland, Oklahoma City and Houston. Having reached this stage, JC Hite hopes to see his brand continue to show its value to its customers and come out of the crisis unscathed and debt free.

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