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How Busy Professionals Can Streamline Their Content Marketing Strategy

Create content consistently. Not constantly.

Content marketing is essential for promoting your brand and business and attracting leads today. Content gives you an excuse to email someone, host a webinar, or create a social media post.

As a professional, you don’t have unlimited time to market yourself, nor should you, and that’s where a clear, consistent, and strategic content marketing process will help.

You don’t need to be on all social networks, you only need to be on those where your customers and prospects are. Don’t stretch.

But you must be on LinkedIn today. Here’s how to build your LinkedIn strategy.

You need a content calendar. And a planning tool if you post a lot.

And you need to use email marketing in addition to social media. I believe in the power of email to convert – there’s no better way to reach people directly.

The other thing you don’t need to do is create new posts every day.

Having a content calendar will allow you to reuse your posts. I learned how to turn an article into 12 posts or a webinar into 12 posts. This is how you become smarter about using what you already have.

Remember that no one is watching your feed, your blog as closely as you are, so they don’t remember what you posted, and the algorithm doesn’t send your content to them every time unless they don’t follow you on LinkedIn.

Reusing what you have is the key to having a successful content and social media marketing strategy today.

But publish or create content consistently doesn’t mean posting every day.

It’s much better to publish a strong post, social media post, or blog post two or three times a week (on key days and times when your audience is on social media or reading their emails) than something dull five times a week.

Successful marketers are also strategic about how much time they spend online. They don’t just create content, they also help build an audience that relies on them for useful information and insights. They establish their subject matter authority and their content helps them build a strong brand that can lead not only to new business, but also to new opportunities such as speaking engagements, media coverage, article writing and nominations. to the board of directors.

To do this, make sure you engage with your audience, respond to all comments, and build a community. Make sure every post is designed to help and educate your followers.

You should not try to sell anything in your content marketing articles including social media posts in my opinion. This should be much more of an underlying message after you provide the value. Or you can embed it in the call to action.

Remember to create content consistently. Not constantly.

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