How Chrome’s New Location Extension Saves Global Marketers Time and Mistakes


Analyzing real Google international SERPs can be a tedious task. Local friendly results are automatically displayed regardless of the ccTLD used, making it difficult to track rankings as a Global Marketer.

In order to achieve various regional results, lengthy changes to Google’s settings are required. VPNs can help combat this, although they are always affected by the location of the server. With 148 languages ​​available in hundreds of countries, localizing your results quickly takes you time.

For example, using the French ccTLD to search for “restaurants in Paris” continues to return results in the UK:

Google naturally recognizes that the browser is set to a location in the UK and attempts to achieve the most appropriate results for the user.

The solution: Google ccTLD + country code + language code

Search Laboratory’s new Chrome extension automates Google’s ccTLD, country, and language codes to retrieve authentic local SERPs. By selecting the language and location in the extension, the results return as they would in the targeted country.

For example:

  • Google ccTLD: .fr

  • Country code: gl = fr

  • Language code: hl = fr.

Adding the country code ( returns the same results as if the search was carried out in France:

Locate your strategy

Identifying true local rankings in target regions is essential to a localized SEO strategy. The visibility of the competition and their engagement provides a broader view of your market, allowing crucial insight into both search engine and your audience’s intent.

The automation of country and language codes in the plugin saves a considerable amount of time when managing multiple campaigns, while avoiding human errors. After selecting your location and language, local SERPs will automatically be displayed, supporting optimal targeting for your campaign.

Download the extension here.

Nicola Winters, Head of International Digital Marketing at Search Laboratory.

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Search Laboratory is an international digital marketing agency founded in 2005 in response to a gap in the market for culturally and linguistically loyal PPC campaigns. Search Laboratory is now able to provide its clients with integrated campaigns covering paid media, technical SEO, content marketing, online public relations, social media management, programmatic advertising, analytics and science. data, as well as tailored advice. What makes Search Laboratory unique is its ability to create global campaigns through the use of in-house multilingual linguists and its partnership with Google, being one of eight UK agencies to be a Google Marketing Platform business partner.

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