How does Google prevent click fraud?


What is click fraud?

Click on fraud is a malicious act in which your Google ads are clicked over and over again for the sole purpose of draining your ad budget or generating income for the webmaster (owner of the website where the ad is hosted). Either this activity is done manually or an automated script is used, bot clicks are used to perform this malicious activity.

It’s a bad activity and your PPC campaign can go in the wrong direction without giving you the results you want.

Many times the competitors make your PPC campaign fail and completely waste your advertising budget. Sometimes the webmasters of scam websites do this activity to generate more income by repeatedly clicking on hosted advertisements. Either way, you need to protect your ads from incorrect clicks.

What is Google doing to prevent click fraud?

There are several mechanisms that Google has imposed to stop click on fraud on Google ads.

Accidental clicks when scrolling through a web page on your mobile and clicking an ad by mistake and simply coming back without loading the landing page are not counted by Google and advertisers do not need to pay for those clicks. These clicks are easy to monitor for Google as users quickly return to the previous page without browsing the landing page.

Websites that want to publish Google ads are verified by Google first and after finding them to be genuine, they are allowed to host the ads. However, there are also chances that fraudulent websites will be checked as many websites ask for permission to post ads daily and some websites may act like genuine site through wrong methods.

In addition, all clicks have gone through several screening tests by Google where it checks the clicks from several parameters such as IP address, time between multiple clicks, inclusion of a bot to click on. announcement, etc. If an invalid click succeeds from a test, eventually it is filtered out on the next test. Advertisers are not charged for these incorrect clicks.

Although Google takes strict measures to stop click fraud, there are cases where invalid clicks are missed by Google.

How can click fraud prevention software help you?

There are various click fraud software available that can give you an added advantage over Google’s click prevention mechanisms. Such software will monitor clicks and check several parameters to report any click as valid or invalid. A lot of software uses artificial intelligence to verify the click from multiple angles and has strict mechanisms to prevent invalid clicks from hampering your PPC campaign.

The IP address for invalid clicks is blocked and your ad will no longer be served at that IP address. So if your competitors try to drain your funds by clicking your ads over and over again, their IP addresses will be blacklisted and your ads will not be shown to them. So what are you waiting for? Check out some good click fraud prevention software and choose one to protect your PPC campaign from invalid clicks.

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