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How Professionals Can Use TikTok as a Marketing Channel

When asked about TikTok, the majority of people are likely to mention dances, funny skits, and other entertaining videos created by Gen Z users. Of course, that’s a big part of this social media channel. , but this does not end here. I’ve noticed that more business-related content is created by Millennials and Gen Xers. They share ideas about business, marketing, and personal finance with other TikTok users.

I think it’s time for professionals to start thinking of TikTok as an additional marketing channel – not just a place to find fun dance videos and hashtag challenges. TikTok appears to be only in the early stages of growth, so now is the perfect time to start investing in it.

Here are my top six tips for using TikTok to introduce yourself as a professional.

1. Share your authentic story

Forget the curated posts we are so used to seeing on social media platforms. Telling your own story as a professional is more likely to resonate with your audience and help them stay engaged.

2. Find the trends and add your own twist

Explore the “Trending” and “For You” pages to see which types of videos are most popular, then create your own take. It can help you get more engagement and traction.

3. Use Business hashtags

Look for hashtags related to businesses that could help you reach your target audience. For example, #makemoneyathome has over 3.4 million views, #digitalmarketing has over 125 million, and #SEO has over 5 million.

You don’t need to add 30 hashtags to your videos. I have found that it is best to focus on a few hashtags related to the content of the video you are posting. The rest of the views will come from the “For You” page if your video gets enough engagement.

4. Create tutorials

Tutorials can showcase your expertise while showing your audience how to do something useful. You could explain how to use digital tools to organize your work, share a useful website where you can find discounts for buying items to start your business, or show walkthroughs that can teach newbies how to invest in inventory easily. . market or create a website.

Make sure your tutorials are recent and in the TikTok style (i.e. short and easy to understand). Consider using color text to help your audience understand and remember the concepts. Use humor, where appropriate, to make your tutorials memorable.

5. Use popular or featured music

TikTok wants to show what’s popular. Using a trending song as the soundtrack for your video can give you a better chance of being on the “For You” page. Remember that while you can use any song from the TikTok music database, if you add a song without a license, your video may work without audio or even be banned.

If you want to serve ads on TikTok (not just post organic videos), my advice is to avoid adding a copyrighted song, even if it’s licensed for use on TikTok, because audio may not be available in some countries. This could reduce viewer engagement in your ad.

6. Use eye-catching thumbnail images

Thumbnail images are important on TikTok. When people scroll through hashtags or trends, they’re more likely to be drawn to videos with an eye-catching thumbnail image. Consider using flashy colors and surprising movements.

Think about your thumbnail in advance and try to add something flashy and eye-catching to the video.


TikTok shows that it can deliver your content to thousands or millions of people, even if you don’t have a large fan base. This means that professionals who want to showcase their skills don’t have to invest years in building a subscriber base. With consistent, quality content, you can get your videos to enough people in a few months and start building your personal brand. Now is a good time to start using TikTok, not only as a fun app, but also as a powerful marketing channel.