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Do you remember the ad you saw today? Can you find it quickly? What if there was a promotional link? SMS marketing will be hundreds of times more effective than search engine and social media targeting. The customer won’t even remember the name of the company whose ad they saw online. And marketing SMS with all the necessary information will be at your fingertips.

With the help of SMS marketing service, a business solves two problems:

1) prevents competitors from stealing their customers;

2) finds new customers.

SmarterContact is considered the best text marketing platform. It provides users with not only unique features (you will learn about them in our article), but also useful and relevant information about text marketing for real estate.

This application offers its users a choice of three payment options – this mainly determines the restrictions on the number of SMS. In the most budget plan, you can send up to 3,000 SMS per month, and in the premium plan, there is no limit on sending messages.

So how do real estate agents use SmarterContact for real estate SMS marketing?

1. Make effective campaigns

The age of e-mails is running out – today users rarely open the advertising campaigns they receive by e-mail. The likelihood of your letter being read decreases every day. Few users open emails on their phones, and a tablet or computer is not always at hand. At the same time, people are constantly using their smartphones and reading incoming text messages. With the help of text marketing for real estate, you can engage a potential buyer and create a new lead.

2. Personalize their SMS campaign

You can use a pre-build campaign or you can modify it to suit your needs. The application has models available in any tariff plan. You can also set up automated macro responses to save time. And if a hot prospect writes to you, the configured notification system will instantly notify you of the success of your SMS marketing campaign. You can deliver a message to the right audience at the right time using technical SMS delivery methods. In this case, marketing operates according to your regulations and is driven by your business goals.

3. Use its up-to-date design

This program has a very simple yet attractive interface that is understandable for users of all ages. You don’t need to get a new college degree to know where to click to text your database of potential customers. No magic – just a user-friendly design, thanks to which any real estate agent will intuitively understand which button to press in the next step.

4. Add many users using a multi-account system

If your organization has many real estate agents, each of them should work from their device. In SmarterContact, you can connect all your employees using the multi-account system to allow all employees to use SMS marketing for real estate investors.

5. Set the number through the call forwarding system

If a potential customer wants to call you back on the number from which the SMS was sent, you can set up call forwarding. In this case, the call will be forwarded to the number you specified.

6. Export and import lead data

Realtors can import their entire contact database and start working with it. The application has a special function with which you can export all customer and prospect information. Data transfer can be done in Excel, CSV files or any other CRM system you use.

7. Use the skip track feature

Skiptracing in real estate could be defined as finding owners and prospects. This feature can help real estate agents find qualified new leads who often won’t hesitate to close a deal. Spotting a distressed property is simple. This is why real estate agents are able to frequently find exceptional prices. To provide users with the maximum success rate and ensure they are calling prospects through genuine phone numbers, this app leverages the leading geolocation technology available in the real estate industry. With the help of this feature, real estate agents can acquire and use a larger database. By using this strategy, they are able to find out who owns the actual property and increase their chances of successfully closing the sale.

8. Create reliable links with your target market.

Customers who express a personal interest in your offers and have consented to access updates receive text messages for real estate marketing. Therefore, SMS marketing efforts are not boring and the messages themselves promote trust.

9. Connect with target market all over the world

Mobile devices are widely used today. You can create a productive communication channel with potential customers from various places with the help of an SMS marketing company. Texting customers in other countries is also an option. Your target market is greatly expanded and new customer acquisition opportunities open up for your business. And you can also use a very smart function – geofencing, which will make your text marketing platform even more productive.

11. Spend less time offering information to potential customers.

Modern methods are used for text marketing, so the full send, regardless of the number of recipients, happens in a fraction of a second. You can send a message to all your prospects at once with just one click. When users receive an SMS, more than 90% of them open it, and 60% of them respond to marketing proposals. This indicates not only fast transmission of information, but also fast response, the result of marketing.

12. Check that the information is transmitted

SMS marketing is an “address” technique, unlike various other advertising campaigns. This ensures that the specified client will receive the message. And its transport is guaranteed. The SMS will reach the subscriber once the phone is linked to the service, even if it is outside the service area. None of the communication channels can claim to be so reliable.

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