How SMEs can build a marketing machine


Outsourced marketing can provide structure, automation, flexibility and room for growth for SMEs.

Shane Fugazy is Vice President of Sales and Strategic Partnerships at Innovative Business Solutions.

Shane oversees Innovative’s sales teams and is responsible for business development, strategic relationships and partner experience. Shane spent over a decade at Comcast Business before joining Innovative to help solve telecommunications challenges from an agent’s perspective. In this article in our SME Marketing Blog Series, Shane shares his thoughts on building a marketing machine in an SME.

Tell us a bit about your marketing team. Do you have a dedicated staff?

We currently use outsourced staff. For about five years we have been using an outsourced marketing company. They were able to help us define our brand and give us brand recognition in the market. What we’ve recognized this year is that it’s time to bring the marketing resources in-house as well as outsourced. We supplemented our outsourced marketing with internal resources, but taking sales resources and turning them into marketing agents. And that’s just not the right way to do it.

Our vision is to have a member of our team as a Marketing Director, and we have an open request for a Marketing Associate. Where we find that we are most successful, quite frankly, is in managing the day-to-day in-house execution marketing tasks like newsletter and content creation.

We will continue to leverage the outsourced company for vision and strategy and execute this internally. Our best ideas come when Jed Kenzy, one of our Managing Partners and Founder, collaborates with our marketing firm. Together, they are brilliant marketers.

For other partners reading this and thinking of an outsourced marketing team versus an in-house team, where do you think the tipping point was when it was time to change?

I would say it depends on the growth and size of the organization. We have added nine new people since the start of COVID-19. In years past, we didn’t have enough work to hire a dedicated resource. Quite frankly, we’ve lost some resources because of this in the past. We would hire someone and we just wouldn’t have enough work for them. No one wants to be bored at work.

For smaller partners or who are just starting out in marketing, I highly recommend using an agency. They bring such a wealth of knowledge, ideas and expertise, including content creation, design, creative writing, SEO, and analysis on SEM – truly a complete strategic vision. Specifically, an agency that knows the indirect channel and understands your business is best. For businesses that are new to marketing, the cost is reasonable. It’s usually less than a full-time employee, and you get a full team of experts in their fields rather than just one employee.

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