How this disruptive real estate broker opened 14 franchises in the first quarter


A massive seller’s market persisted for several months and completely turned the North American real estate market upside down. Agents are scrambling to secure homes for their buyers, but the supply of listings is desperately low. More than ever, agents are struggling to get these announcements. In this extremely low inventory market, many homeowners are opting for “owner sale”.

For homeowners who don’t want to go the FSBO route, many are turning to “discount” real estate brokers. As a result, these non-traditional brokers are able to achieve much higher ad volume. For example, businesses like 1 percent listings take a different approach by using a full-service, low-cost value proposition to acquire high ad volume. They then leverage those listings to generate organic buyers.

A different approach to disruption

According to founder and CEO Grant Clayton, Lists 1 percent is different from other low cost disruptors that are quickly infiltrating the real estate markets.

“We offer a full service and we provide agents with a ton of technology and tools to meet each need individually,” he said, “We leverage our technology and tools to create a profit from higher agent. Our company was created by agents, for agents. The way we do business is easier and more profitable for agents, which is why we are growing so quickly. “

Being a disruptive, agent-focused, full-service brokerage firm has enabled 1 Percent Lists to open 14 new franchise territories in 2021. Many more are in the pipeline for Q2. The company, which started selling real estate franchises in Louisiana in 2020, opened 20 sites in the southeastern states. The interested parties extend on both coasts.

A pro-agent discount brokerage

“Our agent retention is incredibly high because we are driven by agent profit,” Clayton said. “1% roster agents make more money than their traditional counterparts because they have very good divisions, better tools that we offer for free, and a better value proposition, which makes it easier to access a higher volume. Our agents do a little less per transaction than their peers, but they do a lot more transactions. More importantly, they find it much easier to get these deals. “

Many new brokerages are giving their agents the technology and tools to deliver a full service experience, and others are advertising discounted listing commissions. However, the 1 percent listings are unique in their attempt to offer both. When asked how this is possible, Clayton simply says, “We have to be more efficient than everyone else. The only way it works is to keep agent divisions low and customer value and service high. Our suite of tools and technologies gives brokers and agents everything they need to continue to be the best in their business. “

A suite of cutting-edge technologies

1 Percent Lists in partnership with One-click SEO in 2015. Their main focus has always been their digital reach. They have been doing national search engine optimization for years to increase brand awareness in all markets.

Dean Cacioppo, Founder of One Click SEO, says, “At first no one searched Google for the terms’ discount real estate brokerage ‘, but we chose’ if you build it they will come close. And it paid off! In a market where listings are slim to zero, we literally have people from across the country asking if we’re going to list their homes. “

They are also focusing their digital marketing locally to help brand their franchisees and agents in all markets. According to Cacioppo, “For our agents and franchisees, we can offer local SEO services at low cost. Local SEO is all about establishing the official digital presence of your business.

We also offer fully managed pay per click and retargeting campaigns for a fraction of what most digital marketing agencies charge. We use Google and Facebook Pixel to target and retarget potential customers based on the websites they visit on the web.

For the price that most agents pay for single buyer leads, we can effectively direct hundreds of people to agent websites. This not only generates leads but also promotes brand recognition as many of these buyers are sellers as well. “

The future of discount brokerage?

Are Agent Friendly Discount Brokers a Legitimate Solution for Realtors?

Clayton argues that “because building new relationships is more difficult than ever, agents are already in a situation where they are paying huge fees for leads and referrals. They are already doing less voluntarily to get an advance. My argument is that if this tactic works, why not leverage it as a full-time value proposition to get a lot more listings instead of just one buyer? Why not shout this message to the world? “

Many agents disagree with this philosophy, but it’s hard to ignore their growth. 1 Percent Lists are rapidly spreading across the country thanks to our low cost franchise. By the end of 2021, they plan to have more than 50 franchises operating coast to coast. Learn more about the opportunities in your area.

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