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How to craft a winning social media marketing strategy

Over the years, social media has started to take a leading role in digital marketing due to the sheer power it is extending to businesses. You can no longer afford to use it on a whim as it can help you increase your bottom line. A well-thought-out plan is essential for standing out in the social media space, while also boosting your SEO efforts. Here are some ways to help you craft a winning social media marketing strategy, giving you the boost you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Plan your goals from the social media marketing strategy

Before you invest any money in a digital marketing business, think about what you want with it and set your goals. What are the main things you want your social media marketing strategy to cover? Vague goals won’t get you anywhere, so make sure you’re as specific as possible. Follow these guidelines to help you better plan your goals:

  • Is brand awareness a priority? If you are a new business, are you looking to market your brand to your target audience? Brand awareness will help you build your business credibility over time.
  • Are you looking to increase your followers? Some companies want to increase their social media tracking base so that they can keep them informed of developments over time. This allows you to reach more and more people.
  • Are you looking to increase your sales? Some businesses use social media to sell products and services by providing them with promotional offers, specials, and more. It’s a good way to keep your audience in the know about your offers. Use a smart automatic social network marketing platform like
  • What does your audience want? It is important to understand your target audience and what they want. You can do this by engaging in discussions with them to get to know them better, which also allows you to prepare a more focused strategy.

Your goals should be clear from the start if you’re looking to create a social media plan that ultimately increases the bottom line for your business.

Know which social media channels are relevant to your target audience

Not all social media channels may be relevant to your business depending on what you are offering. For example, a B2B financial company that provides services to other businesses may prefer to stick with platforms like LinkedIn while a consumer-focused company may expand its reach through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and much more. Consider the following when planning your social media marketing strategy:

  • You need to understand the demographics of your audience segmented by factors like age, gender, preferences, budgets, etc.
  • You need to consider where your audience spends most of their time. Research your industry to focus on the platforms most relevant to your business.
  • You need to understand what type of content works best with the social media channel you are using.

Finding the right social media channels will allow you to target only the consumers most relevant to your business.

Understand the type of content that works best with your audience

You need to consider the types of content that work with your audience, whether they prefer videos and podcasts to blog posts and news with lots of text. This is an extremely important aspect of any social media marketing strategy for better audience engagement and SEO. Consider the following:

  • Research the type of content that works best for each social media channel relevant to your business – videos and infographics can sometimes explain your products and services better.
  • Even if you are blogging, be sure to use graphics and images to break up the monotony.
  • Make sure you write top quality content to attract readers.
  • Add themes to each post so you can use different concepts to bring it all together. For example, if you are writing about a destination, use striking images to generate interest.
  • Schedule regular posts to build customer engagement. Take a stand, ask questions and communicate with your customers on a more personal level.

A brand that understands the type of content most relevant to its target audience will find success through increased customer engagement.

Social media marketing can help you build a strong network of subscribers and customers that can make a huge difference in the way you do business. Make sure you have a well-planned strategy to get you on the right track.