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Content Marketers Today face a constant struggle between keeping up with the volume of content they are supposed to produce and being creative to produce rich, quality work that has a profound impact on their audience.

Content marketing is recognized as a powerful tool, driving higher conversions than traditional marketing. However, the teams creating this content are using an outdated playbook that focuses on delivering algorithms to the public by constantly releasing posts targeting bots rather than brains.

An amplified marketing strategy fosters a connection between your audience and the expertise they seek.

In an Accenture survey of more than 1,000 marketers around the world, respondents were unanimous: Content overload is a major challenge. And 50% said they currently have more content than they are quite ready to handle.

The strategies that made content marketing so captivating in its early days have not evolved to meet the challenges of marketers today as they compete for the attention of their audiences in a vast landscape of newsletters, podcasts, video series, blogs and social media.

With too much content to create or manage and too little time to measure its success or reuse what they’ve already created, marketers need a new course of action that puts creativity before quantity, audience before the engine and makes connection the top priority. They need an amplified marketing strategy.

What is Amplified Marketing?

The Amplified Marketing Approach puts engaging conversations at the center of your content strategy. These conversations – with industry experts, customers, internal thought leaders, influencers, and decision makers – serve as the source for all your marketing assets, streamlining your content creation, aligning your teams across all channels, and empowering your audience the information they’re looking for. .

Amplified marketing turns to powerful metrics to identify what resonates with an audience and what doesn’t. By extracting more value from the content they create and measuring its success, marketers can work more efficiently and creatively.

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Start with a conversation

Amplified marketing starts with a good conversation with someone who knows what they’re talking about on a topic your audience wants to explore. How are you doing that? Bring attention back to the audience.

Think about what questions they need to answer, what new ideas they are lacking, and what topics they are passionate about or inspired by. Instead of developing a list of topics that content marketers should research and write about, put together a list of people who can offer your audience these answers, information, and big ideas.