How To Improve Google Rankings By Getting More Practice Reviews


As the search market continues to be dominated by Google, it has become crucial to ensure that your practice’s listing appears on the first page of search results. Why? Because 90% of survey respondents said they were likely to click on the first set of results.1

A great way to increase your site’s ranking (and keep that ranking high) is to regularly solicit and collect Google reviews. Google’s Reviews Platform is one of the most important places to build your reputation online, and you should respond to reviews provided by your customers.

Google Reviews provide you and your customers with valuable information about your business, increasing brand awareness. Positive reviews help build trust in your brand, improve online exposure and local search engine optimization (SEO), increase website visitors, and ultimately attract more pet owners to your practice. Regularly obtaining new reviews is a proven way to increase your visibility and your number of customers.

In one day, you can implement the following 5 strategies to get positive reviews and boost local SEO:

Ask your customers to leave reviews

Ask your clients to locate the clinic on Google and click on the “Write a review” button. If you want to quickly increase the number of reviews, just making this request is one of the easiest and most effective ways.

When following up customers, always include a link

If follow-up emails are sent to customers, it’s a good idea to ask them to leave a review and attach a link to facilitate your request. Your emails should always be personal and informative. Let the client know that their feedback is important to your clinic.

To have the link sent to your customers, go to your Google My Business dashboard, click the “Home” tab, scroll down and click “Get more reviews”.

Add a review link to your clinic’s website

Placing a link in the header or footer of your site, or even using a pop-up to request a review from your customers, is another easy way to get more reviews. This makes it easier for your customers because they are already on your site and do not require the extra steps of Google search (search) or click on a link in an email.

Respond to all reviews (good and bad)

Current and potential customers love to see your clinic’s responses to reviews. It shows that you are open to feedback and take an interest in the level of care and attention offered to your clients and patients. Companies that respond to Google reviews are also recognized by Google. No one likes to receive negative reviews; However, if this happens, follow these steps:

  1. Address the specific problem
  2. Apologize (even if your business is right)
  3. Try to resolve the issue privately

You can use the following script as a guide:

“Hello NAME, we are sorry to hear that you did not have a good experience with us. Our team always strives to provide you with an exceptional experience from the moment you walk into our clinic. know more about it and see how we can improve it. Please contact our clinic by phone or email (INSERT PHONE, EMAIL) and we can talk more about it. Thank you for your business.




Track your review requests multiple times

Even if a customer doesn’t leave a review the first time you request one, that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t leave at all. Your email or request may have been sent at an inconvenient time, or the customer may simply have forgotten.

An effective way to overcome this challenge is to create 2 email follow-up templates, in addition to your first review request, and limit your total number of review requests to 3. You must follow the request once per week, or every two weeks, until you reach the maximum number of requests.

Creating a continuous pipeline of reviews can be difficult. If you prefer to leave your review generation to a professional team, Running digital is here to help. Contact us online to learn more about our wide range of digital marketing services designed to help businesses like yours get as many customers and sales on the web as possible.


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