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How to maximize editorial coverage for your content marketing strategy — RISMedia

Content marketing efforts are increasingly outperforming traditional advertising to drive brand awareness, web traffic, and better ROI. “Banner blindness” is real, but content marketing can render it inconsequential.

While traditional advertising can often interrupt the user experience and be seen as frustrating, content marketing featured on news sites, blogs and social media performs 22x betteraccording Forbes. High-quality editorial coverage is even better because of its authentic presentation, insight, and relevance to its target audience.

As advancements in privacy technology continue, content marketing will become a driving force when competing for exposure in the new world of cookieless marketing.

Publishing your organization’s unique value proposition on an engaging, SEO-optimized platform (like with high content quality rankings ultimately increases the likelihood of capturing valuable impressions.

More than half (54%) of decision makers say they spend more than an hour a week reading and reviewing thought leadership content, according HubSpot. Consider how this could benefit your marketing efforts and why you should consider partnering with RISMedia.

Our audience of the nation’s most successful real estate professionals engage with our content, seeking answers to their business challenges – and you just might have the solution they’re looking for.

VSCombining our qualified audience with the powerful platform we offer, RISMedia can guarantee that your content will be easily discoverable. This will generate multiple leads which will result in a better ROI and lower CPA.

Additional Benefits of Third-Party Editorial Coverage

  • Brand awareness
    • Increases your business visibility by expanding your reach
      • Branding and name recognition
  • Thought Leadership Positioning
    • Position your firm and/or its managers as experts in the real estate sector on:
      • Tendencies
      • Challenges
      • Best Practices
      • News
      • Solution offers
      • The keys to success
  • Exposure generates web traffic
    • New leads
    • Benefits of SEO
      • High quality backlinks to a trusted news site
  • Customer-centric
    • Offers important and relevant information to your target audience
    • Establishes and maintains a competitive advantage in the reader’s mind
  • Brand alignment
    • Build connections with well-known and authoritative industry experts
    • Align your business with the most trusted source of real estate news
      • National recognition for a trusted voice in your industry
      • Increased credibility for your brand
  • Content Engine
    • Provides a feed of content for your social marketing efforts
    • Reuse your content

How to amplify your exposure

Broadcast your coverage on your own channels

  • Place a link to your article on your own website
  • Post to all your social media channels
  • Email your article to your distribution list
  • Create a blog post
  • Get reprints of your real estate magazine article to distribute in a variety of ways:
    • Event Guarantee
    • direct mail
    • Integration into your press kit
    • Mentions on podcasts and webinars

Avoid low quality content

Low-quality content is self-serving, produced solely for likes, views, and comments, rather than serving a specific purpose, such as providing valuable information. Low-quality content often contains grammatical errors, passive voice, and a lack of depth or engaging purpose.
Branded editorial coverage should always aim to be informative for its target audience. Likewise, it should provide solutions to pain points, analysis, and background in addition to forward-looking information.

Poor quality content can have a negative impact not only on your marketing campaigns, but also on your brand image. Major search engines use content quality rankings as a method of determining search result positioning. Reputational damage is one of the biggest challenges to overcome as a marketer. Combined, these issues result in a low return on investment, whether it’s the time your team spends creating proprietary media, or the advertising dollars misplaced.

measuring success

KPIs include:

  • Increase in web traffic (organic and referrer)
  • Boost social media engagement
    • Increase in the number of subscribers
    • More likes, comments, shares and mentions
  • Improved SEO rankings
  • New tracks!

RISMedia offers best-in-class premium content

  • Our team of writers writes with purpose, crafting insightful and contextual articles
  • We rely on empirical data and findings to support our journalism
  • We pride ourselves on our excellent grammar, spelling and syntax
  • Our team is knowledgeable and skilled in SEO best practices
  • The best professionals in the industry trust us

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