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How to remove scuffs from patent leather

Patent leather can’t be polished the same way with shoe polish that regular fabric works with, so how can you remove scuff marks?

Detergent and water can cause stains. One thing you can try is to always place a nail that does not contain acetone for a cotton ball and wipe off the scuff mark to get rid of it. Another would be to decide to try the rubbing liquor “but don’t overuse it, it works quickly and easily as it also removes the dye – but. The hand sanitizer also works, but once again it will remove some of the dye using the scuff marks.

Do you have proven methods of removing marks from patented fabrics?

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I have always used Nivea cream (maybe not the lotion!) To wash and polish varnished fabrics. My grandmother personally taught me this trick when I was a kid in Germany and I have tried it ever since.

rub gently with a magic eraser Mr. Clean does the key t. I use them regularly on my children’s dress shoes.

Same goes for the magic eraser, but you have to be very careful with it. We will definitely need to try Nivea Cream someday.

Hand sanitizer or ordinary tissue rub will need it quickly without damaging the leather.

Thank you very much for your recommendation, the hand sanitizer started using it alongside so quickly on my favorite heels! I never bothered to compose on blogs but recently had to thank you)!

Same about this, normally I don’t either, but I was just figuring out ways to take them off, bought a brand new pair of red patent leather shoes from Jessica Simpson and i had scratches. he came quickly Therefore happy to forget the scratches.

The hand sanitizer worked like a dream! Thank you!

Best advice! T k scuff marks right away.

awesome tip really be grateful because i escort services in Syracuse I had panicked because of the scuffs on my new shoes!

OMG IT WORKS. Thanks a lot!

I never often bother to write comments on blogging sites, but I just spotted a nasty scratch on my brand new patent ballerinas at your workplace. I recently tried the tactile hand sanitizer in the Ladies†™. The scratch came off effortlessly and immediately without the use of dye. Thank you very much for that! We thought I had ruined my cute new shoes.

I just tried the tactile hand sanitizer and it worked like no body thing. Thank you very much with this ideal!

OMG! I got myself a cute couple of ginger colored patent leather t shirts to wear on Mother’s Day and wore them the night before and got a nasty scratch on them. I was told to use a non-acetone remover to remove it. I was just a little nervous, it really worked because I didn’t want to ruin my mother’s day shoes, but. It took about 4 minutes of rubbing with a cotton ball and my shoes were completely new without any damage. Always smiling. рџ ™ ‚

I had just bought a pair of nude pumps and decided to go out last night to show them off. When I woke up I saw black scuff marks on it. I really recommend using rubbing liquor. рџ ™ ‚don’t forget to wipe directly with soap and water afterwards.

I bought an expensive new set of nude patent leather heels to go out to a club one night and in the morning I found them totally covered in dark scuff marks! They seemed like the kind of marks I would never have the ability to remove, but a quick and efficient polish made my shoes look like new! I washed them with a little water a little later, you would never know I was wearing them.

Rubbing alcohol worked great! Thanks for the end!

Nail polish remover that polishes very well. My child now has 3 new pairs of shoes that would go in the trash after just two uses.

The best result had been to use rubbing alcohol, my red and bone patent leather shoes were like new. Thanks a lot for the information

After reading another community forum we first tried Windex on a classic black patent leather pouch (from the store that hasn’t been in business since the 60s), it also worked as promised! Not only was I able to easily remove a few white scuffs from the black colored patent leather, but the whole bag looks like new. I didn’t even have to use nail polish remover.

Was it genuine patent leather or patent leather that is fake?

The Windex worked like a dream on my mustard yellow patent fabric handbag which had a dark scratch in one visible spot. I place the Windex on a Q-Tip while the dark mark is gone after a few light rubs. I became so impressed that it worked. We also used it for a blue patent fabric tote with two large white scuffs. I put Windex on a cotton swab and gave it a little more elbow grease … the marks are gone and you can’t tell they were even there when I wiped the marks off with a towel in paper, the marks did not disappear but when. INCREDIBLE Thank you to everyone else for sharing this and all kinds of your recommendations.

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