Marketing strategy

How Your Business Wi-Fi Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Free business Wi-Fi is an advantage for your customers. This reliable connection may even get them through the door. Additionally, modern Wi-Fi networks record customer behavior data that can help you create a unique customer experience.

This data can also be a valuable resource for your company’s marketing strategy. Here are some of the ways your Internet business can help you promote your offerings.

Collect demographic data

Marketing is all about attracting your target audience. Luckily, there are small business wifi solutions like Plume WorkPass that can help you identify your customer base effortlessly. There are several ways to use your network data to access demographic information.

When your customers accept the terms and conditions of your free Wi-Fi, they can give you access to their social media data. This gives you access to information such as their age, gender, location and general interests. With basic demographic information in hand, your business can target your customer base more effectively.

For example, if you notice that your customer demographics are young, you can lean more on Instagram or TikTok for marketing. An older customer base may respond better to Facebook and print ads. Meeting your customers where they are will lead to more successful marketing campaigns.

If you run a physical business, you know the importance of store layout. The right placement of products and marketing materials can make or break sales. Your company’s Wi-Fi will tell you exactly where your customers are spending the most time. This way you can organize your store accordingly.

Some connectivity tool suites offer heatmap insights among their many small business features. You can use this information to organize end caps, sales tables, and signage. You can also identify which products are getting the most attention and which are not.

Optimizing your layout may take some trial and error, so keep checking the foot traffic data provided by your Wi-Fi network.

Promotional time offers

Your company’s Wi-Fi also tells you when your customers are online in your storefront. With this data, you can identify your busiest days and times. This helps you plan promotional offers and sales to achieve your business goals.

There are several ways to time promotions using your data. Some business owners may schedule sales during low traffic hours to attract customers. Others will take advantage of their busiest periods to guarantee their purchases.

Thinking long term, business owners can schedule coupon promotions with their busiest or least busy time of year. Again, the exact timing will depend on your priorities.

Turn customers into subscribers

Social media is the backbone of small business marketing. These platforms allow you to interact with your customers in real time and provide better customer service. However, the challenge is to get your customers to like and follow you.

Your business Wi-Fi is an easy way to turn your customers into subscribers. Consider adding your social links to your Wi-Fi landing page. You can also use social media to run exclusive promotions. Offer one-time discounts to new social media followers or post occasional discount codes on your social pages.

The trick is to treat social media followers like insiders. Update your pages often and give your customers a reason to keep following. Track your analytics to learn which types of posts get the most attention.

Create your mailing list

Email marketing is another essential strategy for small businesses. This platform keeps your loyal customers in the loop and attracts one-time customers with promotions. It can also be a great way to run polls to gather feedback.

However, if you are running a storefront, building an email list can be tricky. Customers aren’t always willing to offer their email addresses for promotions, but your company’s Wi-Fi will help.

Configure your Wi-Fi so that customers must enter their email addresses to access it. This way, you can build an email list in a subtle and effective way. Some companies will also collect phone numbers to run SMS marketing campaigns.

But remember, the work doesn’t stop there. You need to discourage customers from hitting that “unsubscribe” button. Keep email content relevant and engaging. And when in doubt, a discount code for new email subscribers never hurts.

Offer exclusive benefits

A solid marketing strategy is essential to attract new customers. Turning these new customers into repeat customers is the other half of the battle. Your small business Wi-Fi offers several tools to help store visitors feel special.

Create exclusive benefits and offers in your Wi-Fi landing page to attract your customers. Yes, these offers can be the standard sales and the BOGO promotions. However, your customers can also get early access to new product lines, previews of upcoming launches, and secret menu items.

Get creative with your offers to build customer loyalty. If these benefits are successful, consider expanding their reach to social media, email marketing, and other marketing channels.

A/B testing marketing campaigns

As with all business decisions, a marketing strategy takes time to perfect. Consider using your company’s Wi-Fi to test two different campaigns and compare their effectiveness.

For example, you might have two designs in mind for your internet landing page. One may ask for an email address, while the other has social links. They may have the same links with slightly different layouts.

You can use A/B testing to measure everyone’s click-through rate. Then launch the landing page that generates the most engagement.

You can also compare promotional offers and online review requests. Run each on different days and measure overall attendance. This strategy will help you make more informed marketing decisions in the future.

Reliable (and free!) Wi-Fi will set you apart from other businesses. Even better, you can use your Wi-Fi information to connect more effectively with your customers. Follow the data closely and don’t be afraid to take risks. A bold marketing strategy won’t take off overnight, but your business Wi-Fi will help get it off the ground.