LinkedIn Adds New ‘Boost’ Option For Organic Posts, New Promotion And Event Management Tools


LinkedIn Seeks To Help Brands Maximize The Reach Of Their Posts, With New Facebook-Like Version ‘Boost’ option to turn organic page updates into paid ads, while adding new tools to help maximize virtual events and track their performance in the app.

First, on the new ‘Boost’ option – like explained by LinkedIn, sometimes when you post an organic update on your business page, you can see that it gets early traction, and you might want to take advantage of it, without having to create a new ad.

Now you will be able to do it:

“Starting today, you can easily ‘Boost’ any high performing organic post right from your LinkedIn page. With the click of a button and a few payment details, you can easily give a thumbs up to your most engaging or time-sensitive content. Quickly broaden the reach of your audience. It’s as easy as it sounds, and it’s the newest way to reach a larger audience without having to learn to use new marketing tools. “

As you can see here, you’ll soon see a new ‘Boost’ button on your business page posts, providing a quick and easy way to get more reach, provided you’re willing to pay. for it.

In the accompaniment Notes on Boosting, LinkedIn explains that users will be able to choose from four goals when boosting:

  • Brand awareness
  • Video views
  • Commitment
  • Website visits

You can then also select your target audience:

  • Profile based – Select target audience criteria among the professional seniorities, professional functions or industries of the company
  • Hobbies – Select the target audience criteria among the groups of members.
  • LinkedIn audience model – Select a LinkedIn audience model with predefined targeting options.

You can also select the location, add exclusions and set the desired budget. Then you click on “Boost” and your campaign begins. LinkedIn also published a short guide to boost for those looking for more tips and strategies.

This could be a useful way to get more eyeballs on your content, while also providing a means of organic testing, as you can boost posts that are already gaining traction.

The real value will depend on how good LinkedIn’s targeting system is to show your content to the right audiences – and like with Facebook, it’s a little maddening having to pay to reach at least some people who are probably already following your business page. But either way, this could be another option to consider, at least for Experiments, when looking to maximize your LinkedIn performance.

On top of that, LinkedIn is adding a new Event Ads option to help marketers increase awareness of their virtual events.

LinkedIn event announcements

By appearing directly in the LinkedIn feed, the event announcement feature helps you promote your event by highlighting key event details, such as date, time and how to join your event, to a whole new audience, while letting members know if Mutual Connection has expressed interest in attending. “

LinkedIn has been working to fine-tune its virtual event options over the past year, in response to increased demand due to the pandemic. The platform made its Events option available for all company pages last April, then added live streaming for events a month later, offering new ways to make it easier to log into the app and to host virtual events related to the presence of your company.

This allows businesses to use their LinkedIn presence to promote their virtual dating, which in turn helps brands connect with more sales reps they want to maintain engagement with, without having to get them to download a new app or to register. through a separate website.

Now, brands will also be able to promote their virtual events to more potential attendees – and while it is expected that we may return to in-person events at some point in the near future, it seems likely that at least some businesses will rely on virtual events for some time to come, both as a security measure and as a way to keep costs low, while remaining vigilant.

On top of that, LinkedIn has also added new analytics for event announcements, which will display information about the reach, engagement, and “ firmographic makeup ” of attendees.

LinkedIn event analysis

This will give you a more accurate picture of the impact of your efforts, allow you to better plan your LinkedIn video strategies, and maximize your in-app events.

LinkedIn is also looking to offer more streaming options, with a new Personalized streaming A process that will allow Company Pages to serve through a range of third-party video platforms, including Zoom, WebEx, OBS, and Microsoft Teams. LinkedIn notes that the use of LinkedIn live streams has increased by more than 400% year over year

And finally, LinkedIn is also updating its mobile page analytics offering, which will now provide the same information on visitor count, subscribers, and content engagement that you can currently access through the desktop version.

LinkedIn mobile analytics

This will also include organic and enhanced metrics, giving you more ways to manage your LinkedIn presence on the go.

These are a few handy additions – and while we don’t know how much people are going to rely on virtual events in the future, it’s good to have more options available on this front, especially to boost your presence. on LinkedIn.

And as noted, with Events on LinkedIn, you are also able to maximize your reach with the professional audience you have established within the app, giving you more ways to use your LinkedIn presence to help boost your overall marketing and awareness efforts. .

You can read more about the latest Boost promotion and event options from LinkedIn. here.

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