Linux’s Perf Tools Prepares For Intel Alder Lake, Adds New AMD Zen 3 Events


The Linux performance tools for managing hardware performance counters and associated monitoring have seen a number of interesting updates for the Linux 5.13 kernel cycle.

As usual, Intel continues to lead on the performance front in exposing the many performance counters of their hardware and ensuring good integration for Linux profiling and analysis. With Linux 5.13, hybrid PMUs are now supported to prepare for future heterogeneous processor designs like Alder Lake with a mix of Core and Atom processor cores.

Also on the Intel front, the –iostat An option has been added to collect and present I / O statistics for Intel hardware. This builds on the new sysfs information exposed for Intel Xeon Scalable Skylake processors and later for read / write I / O devices to / from host memory and the processor reads / writes to E devices. / S under the root port.

Meanwhile, AMD added Zen 3 event reporting to Perf and fixed broken L2 cache success metrics. New events supported by AMD Zen 3 processors are described in this commit.

On the ARM64 front, there is now support for Fujitsu A64FX PMU event metrics.

The traction of perf tooling is also perf data now allows to convert the file in JSON format. Bperf was also added as a way to share hardware performance counters (PMCs) with BPF.

Changes to the perf tool for Linux 5.13 can be found via this draw request.

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