Liquid Craft, Dragons and Bourbon’s alcohol-backed NFT series released

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Liquid Craft, a project that bridges the traditional alcohol investment market and the blockchain world, has just released its first limited edition of alcohol-backed NFTs. The series is called Dragons and Bourbon and was posted online for the general public from November 23. Available in two separate tiers, buyers of the series will be eligible for a major drop of CRAFT tokens – the native Liquid Craft token set to launch in late December.

The release of the D&B series is the first step in the project roadmap, leading to a possible release of a full NFT market for international artisans and their liquid art the creations. The market will make it easy for future liquor investors and collectors to purchase collectible liquor from artisans around the world, in the form of NFT. The Liquid Craft market is expected to launch between Q1 and Q2 2022.

For buyers looking to purchase their own Dragons and Bourbon NFTs, the typing page is available here:

Liquid Crafts First NFT Series – Dragons and Bourbon

The Dragons and Bourbon series is the preview version of Liquid Craft and is created in partnership with award-winning distillers – The heart distillery. The team at The Heart Distillery provided the premium bourbon in a small batch designed explicitly for this release, with each NFT backed by its own individual bottle. Bourbon is created from locally grown and sourced ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind batch that cannot be replicated or found anywhere else.

Due to the limited nature of bourbon, virgin mint is limited to a total of 1,500 NFT, divided into two separate levels, with slight variations between each.

The first level Ethereum The option has 750 NFT available for purchase, each backed by a premium bottle of 123 – proof, cask raw, pure bourbon. Bourbon is stored in a specially designed rounded bottle at a price of 0.22 ETH each.

Level two Binance smart chain The option has 750 NFT available for purchase, each backed by a 100 proof premium upright bourbon bottle, in a uniquely designed square shaped bottle, priced at 0.75 BNB each.

Airdrops available to D&B series buyers

For anyone who buys the D&B series, there is the option of airdrops of the native Liquid Crafts – $ CRAFT token, which is slated for release in late December. The number of tokens dropped into the air will vary depending on the NFT level purchased. There will be up to $ 4,500 CRAFT tokens available for the Ethereum level and up to $ 1,500 CRAFT tokens for the Binance Smart Chain level.

In addition to the $ CRAFT tokens dropped by plane, buyers will also be able to receive exclusive discounts on future releases, entry to events, access to future promotions and freebies.

Using blockchain to bring alcohol investment to a wider audience

The trading methods for traditional investment in alcohol have remained largely the same due to the nature of trading in any physical product. The process is often tedious and risky, with a need for brokers and auction houses, as well as a requirement for storage and transportation. There is also the risk of buying illegitimate products that have been tampered with or replaced, which sometimes means that authenticity cannot always be guaranteed. Despite the increasing value liqueurs collection, many potential investors are ill-equipped to undertake the traditional processes involved and choose alternative investment options.

Due to advancements in blockchain technology, namely NFTs and smart contracts, many of the previously mentioned barriers can be drastically reduced or removed. NFTs are easily bought, sold, traded or collected, and also remove the need for intermediary processes. Smart contracts within NFTs record all transactions by acting like a digital ledger, and every transaction is transparent and public on the blockchain.

The physical product is stored securely with the artisan, eliminating issues of authenticity and storage. At any time, the current owner of the TVN can swap their bottle in a process called harvest, which will begin a process of delivering the physical product, removing the NFT from circulation.

Liquid Craft NFT Market – Providing a Lifeline for a Struggling Liquor Industry

Liquid Craft’s, soon to hit the NFT marketplace, aims to bridge the gap between the traditional world of alcohol investing and the modern blockchain space, providing solutions for both simultaneously. The market will allow artisans around the world of all sizes to create their own alcohol-based NFTs, to introduce themselves to a new international audience.

At present, breweries, wineries and distilleries have experienced a devastating time over the past 18 months as record lows in international tourism have left many drastic fall In income. NFTs can offer the opportunity to expand their customer base, providing a new source of income and a potential lifeline when it is needed most.

Long-term vision of Liquid Craft

The project and the team behind Liquid Craft have set themselves big goals over the next few months, with the market just one step away from their goal. The aim is to bring in verified artisans from all over the world to offer their products as NFT in the market. This will provide the artisan with a much needed increase in sales, while also giving liquor collectors a significant selection of spirits to choose from – a one-stop-shop for all different varieties of wines, spirits, craft beers and liquors.

Marketing is another major objective of the project. In order to increase the brand’s notoriety among collectors and artisans, they have teamed up with the main crypto marketing agency Coinpresso to meet all marketing needs. Coinpresso will help with all future releases and bring with them SEO, marketing and social media management experts to bring the Liquid Craft brand to a much wider audience.

In recent days, Liquid Craft has launched the first of many alcohol-based NFT versions with the Dragons and Bourbon series and has more options planned for the coming months. It is expected that there will be more alcohol-backed NFT versions leading into the new market, as well as the launch of their native token – $ CRAFT.

The services and solutions they provide are inventive and provide a much needed point of difference to today’s NFT space by bringing tangible value to digital works of art. Their use case is authentic and solves the problems for different levels of the craft and traditional alcoholic beverage investment space. At the same time, make a refreshing change to the latest versions of NFT which are rated purely on speculation and hype.

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