Lyre’s Spirit Co Appoints Jaywing To Global SEO And SEM Accounts


Data science-led digital marketing agency Jaywing has won SEM & SEO accounts for alcohol-free Australian start-up Lyre’s Spirit Co in more than 10 countries.

After seeing a change in the drink culture in Australia and a hole in the market, Lyre’s created a brand that would provide a socially acceptable alternative to alcoholic beverages. Since its launch in 2019, the Lyre brand has seen an increase in sales especially with COVID-19 and has won 46 medals, making it the most awarded non-alcoholic spirits company in the world.

To continue to see exceptional growth for Lyre, Jaywing will be responsible for managing the search engine optimization of innovative brands, with the goal of facilitating the growth of Lyre’s already successful brand in Australia, the United States and in the UK, with additional support for European websites as well.

The SEM strategy will be created to increase the volume, quality and efficiency of prospects in acquiring new customers, in a range of international sites, notably in Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, in Sweden, Spain, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands and Germany.

Commenting on the appointment, Chris Pittham, Managing Director of Jaywing, said: “With all the disruption from COVID-19, it’s refreshing to see an Australian start-up doing so well in the market, especially in such a short period of time. . We are excited to take on another global e-commerce brand like Lyre and expand our ever growing customer list. ”

The victory expands Jaywing’s portfolio of more than 20 global e-commerce clients, including Princess Polly, Royal Doulton, Waterford Crystal, Wedgwood, Billabong and Quiksilver to name a few.

“Our portfolio of global e-commerce brands is proof that we are highly skilled at managing these types of large accounts, with a deep understanding of SEO and SEM. We understand the innovative values ​​of the Lyre brand and look forward to driving the brand’s online success globally.

Ashleigh Murray, Global Vice President of Digital Marketing at Lyre Spirit Co, said, “We look forward to starting with Jaywing and working together to continue to grow the Lyre brand globally. We were drawn to Jaywing’s deep understanding of SEO and SEM, with a particular interest in the range of global e-commerce brands they currently serve. Their expertise in data-driven attribution is a major asset for us as this type of unique offering will result in new customer acquisition for the Lyre brand. We look forward to continuing to grow in this niche market with Jaywing. “

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